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Tag: weekly cash contest

CTP Teams leaderboard showing the 400 million point mark

So there was a little internal debate within the TimTech staff play room today.

We were chatting about how many CTP Teams players would qualify for the cash prizes Jon introduced for this week.

I looked at the Top 100 list and predicted that everybody on the list would qualify for the draw by getting at least 400 million points this week.

Right now 73 people out of the 100 on the list have passed the qualifying mark which means there is 27 still to go.

Given that it Friday already I think this will be a close call but I know that you CAN do it.

Positions 74 – 77 have all got more than 390 million points so it is only a matter of time before they all quality. No doubt at all there.

Positions 78 – 84 have all got more than 350 million points so this group are also well on the way to quality well ahead of Sunday night’s Midnight eastern deadline.

Positions 85 – 95 have all got at least 300 million points right now so getting the remaining points needed to qualify will need work but if there is the will then they should finish with time to spare.

Positions 96 to 100 – the last five places on the leaderboard – have all more than 200 million points so it is a lot harder for them to qualify but not impossible.

I have my fingers crossed for you all…let’s see what happens.

Will my prediction be right or wrong? I shall be watching closely.

Remember for each group of ten people who now qualify for the draw, another cash prize gets added so it is well worth pushing hard right up until the deadline.