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Uber Surfers team logoWilliam Miller has dramatically closed Bonz Brigade and joined second placed Premier League team Uber Surfers in a dramatic early twist to the start of Season Two.

He said it was time to disband his team which had been in and out of the Premier League and had not been performing as consistently well as he would have liked.

He told CTP Teams: “It was time for it to happen.  We never could get a firm foothold in the Premier League so instead of constantly wavering in and out I decided to let everyone go their separate ways.”

Uber’s leader Walter Mulder said it was a huge boost to his team. Colleen Fitten has also moved from Bonz Brigade to his team and it is believed that a third former member of the disbanded team may also follow suit to fill the last empty spot on the team.

Walter said: “We believe we have a dream team of CTP legends now with a combined power to make a real difference.”

Heavy Heart

In a final message to his Bonz Brigade members, William explained his decision to disband the team.

He wrote: “It is with heavy heart that I make the announcement that I am disbanding Bonz Brigade. This will allow those team members who are actually actively participating to join more productive teams and for those members who were less than active, to contemplate their next moves.

“I thank each and every one of you for your contributions. It has been a pleasure working with each and every one of you.

TimTech History

“I had hoped that the investment in the non Kore 4 members would push them to understand the importance of being upgraded and to continue participating at that accelerated level, but the results were far from what I had hoped for.

“Again, thank you all for participating, and may the new year bring prosperity to each and every one of you.

“William A. Miller II – Team leader of the Bonz Brigade as it passes into Tim Tech history.”

There are always twists and turns in CTP teams and this is a pretty major twist in week one of season two.

As always this is the place to come for news, gossip and scandal from the world of CTP Teams.

Uber Surfers on top at CTP Teams

Currently Uber Surfers are comfortably at the top of CTP Teams and their dedication has won them praise from team leader Walter Mulder.

Walter didn’t set any requirements on members when he formed the team and does appear to have pulled together a band of diverse individuals who all want to win.

Writing for his team blog,he said so much has happened in the first month that it has felt like a year. Well I think that CTP Teams does tend to have that effect on people – especially team leaders.

He said: “As new team we surely rocked the charts. We managed to get into the premier league within the first week of existence, it took 10 days to get the top position then managed a top 3 position and therafter became #1.

“Now that was a fast progress and a huge team effort. It has never been done before in the history of CTP Teams and I think we deserve a pat on the back for that. Well done Uber Surfers!”

Once again what Uber Surfers have shown to everyone in CTP Teams is that it is possible to come from nowhere in this contest and then really dominate.

Just be prepared for your months to seem like years though…but it will be fun.

Uber Surfers top CTP Teams Premier League 250814

I had to do something of a double take yesterday as I refreshed my screen when viewing the league tables for CTP Teams.

None of the “Big Three” teams was in top spot because Walter Mulder’s newly formed Uber Surfers had claimed it for themselves…and this team is only six days old!

Skype chatrooms were buzzing with the news, there was a lot of good humored “trash talk” or “banter” as we call it in the UK but the unmistakable fact was that Uber Surfers were in first spot in the Premier League.

Yes it was close at the time I took the above screenshot – 56.69m to 56.59 m of the second placed SurfAholics Alpha – and it didn’t last too long.

An achievement and a CTP Teams milestone though and, for that, the team is to be congratulated.

Right now as I write this post Walter’s team is third behind the Alphas and Lucky 13 and while Sunday night s still a long way off a lot could happen between now and then.

At CTP Teams we indeed live in very interesting times.

I have just been looking back through some recent CTP Teams blog posts and at this rate Uber Surfers and Hunters will need their very own blog.

These two teams have come from nowhere and really dominated in just a matter of days.

Valentin’s Hunters finished 14th overall last week with 35.9 million points and is currently on track to break into the Premier League next week – early days obviously but the team is on track none the less.

However Walter’s Uber Surfers have been on something of a rampage in recent days.

First Richard Arblaster disbanded #ovendogs to become an Uber ovendog, next Randy Sult closed Stinkin’ Badge Owners to snap up one of the last slots on Walter’s team as an Uber Badge Owner and finally Randy Ritter shut up shop to jump on board as an Uber Wingman. Walter even managed to recruit Sig from top team SurfAholics Alpha to become an Uber Viking.

Uber Surfers promoted to CTP Teams Premier League after just one week

Not only has Walter become an Uber grim reaper of CTP Teams but Uber Surfers was instantly promoted into the Premier League at the first opportunity after finishing in ninth place overall last week with 67.4 million team points.

Uber Surfers are currently fourth place in the Premier League…could they be planning to challenge the top three already? I think they just might give it a go.

Coming up next…a closer look at both leagues.

Earlier in the week I was surfing some of the Tim Tech traffic exchanges and I noticed that Walter and Val were both in the chats talking about their new teams…so that gave me an idea.

I said that if they got any new recruits to Uber Surfers or Hunters during the hour I was surfing then I would feature them on this blog…they did and so I am making good on my promise here.

CTP chat challenge to Walter and Val

Within minutes people in the chat were asking both leaders ab0ut their teams and the following people signed up…


Sylvester Kouadio joined Val’s team and is already on third place in the pack of hunters.

New Hunter Sylvester is already in third place on team

Uber Surfers:

Kendra Morgan and Lori Sivage joined Walter’s team and they are in second and seventh places on the team respectively.

New members for Walter's Uber Surfers Screenshot 2014-08-23 19.00.37

This is the screenshot of the first sign up…

my signup challenge in CTP Chat for Val and Walter's new teams

So well done to both teams and to the new members who joined as the result of the team leaders being active in CTP chat. Let’s see what great things you guys get up to next.



The two teams I am writing about today didn’t even exist a week ago. Uber Surfers was launched by Walter Mulder on Wednesday and Valentin Mavrodin launched his Hunters on Monday…but look at them now.

Competitive league, top ten on sat august 23 2014

They are both Top Ten teams in the Competitive League…but even better than that, the Hunters team has recruited its full compliment of 25 players and while Uber Surfers has filled 16 of its 25 slots it has climbed to first place in the league. In fact it looks highly likely that Uber Surfers will be in the Premier League on Monday…how is that for a rapid rise to success.

I think what Walter and Val have done here, more eloquently than any words could do, is show that CTP teams is far from already sewn up by the current teams. With determination and skill anyone can come from nowhere and put their mark on the contest in just days.

In fact as I write this Walter has had something of a major impact on the Competitive League as Richard Arblaster has just disbanded his #ovendogs team to join Uber Surfers.

No more #ovendogs as Richard Arblaster joins Uber Surfers

Coming up next: What happened when I saw Walter and Val in CTP Chat…

It seems that this is the week for CTP Teams players deciding to go it alone and create teams of their own.

On Monday Valentin Mavrodin quit the SurfAholics and decided it was time to become a Hunter. His Hunters team is just three days old and already it has 19 members so if you want to hunt with this pack you better get in fast.

Walter Mulder forms Uber Surfers

Now Walter Mulder has left his old team – I think it was Bonz Brigade but if I am wrong I am sure I will quickly be corrected – to form Uber Surfers, and I would guess this explains his recent tweet:

Uber Surfers currently has four members but I can see this team growing rather rapidly too and already it has moved up 33 places in the Competitive League. Val’s team is in tenth place in the league while Walter’s team is just a few hours old and is not far behind in 15th place.

Walter explained the move in an email to his subscribers earlier today, when he wrote: “Uber Surfers” is named after the special badge that you get when you collect badges from TrafficR.us and Clicking Success.

We’re open for new members! It’s all in competitive spirit. I love every team in CTP and all CTP members. But the game is on! ;-)”

So good luck to Walter and Val for their new teams…two teams I am sure will be very successful indeed.

Walter Mulder's team Uber Surfers home page on day one at CTP Teams


Lucky 13 Team logoI think we would all agree that CTP Teams is progressing quite nicely indeed. It is great to be part of a program where we can watch people grow and develop and see new leaders emerge.

It is also great to share the ups (and the downs) of the community and all help each other to become more successful.

CTP Teams also represents a great opportunity for other TE owners with the Daily Challenges which have proved to be immensely popular with…well everybody really.

But then again I would say that wouldn’t I? Well yes but these are not my words.  Step forward one Scott Wright from Lucky 13. Writing recently on the team’s blog, and every team really should have a blog by the way, he said:

“One of the biggest companies in the industry and arguably the most successful, has give an owner an opportunity to host a Daily Challenge with CTP Teams.  The cost, $50.. for the day, the benefit, more traffic than your site has seen in months. Imagine 52 teams, most with 25 members in them, surfing your site for the goal of reaching 1000 pages for the day….

“…hosting the daily challenge is not just about paying your $$ to TimTech and sitting back to watch the traffic come in, its about taking advantage of the opportunity to grow your business, your faceplate, and impress enough so that surfers will come back and surf your site even if they don’t have to get to 1000 pages to get some XP. “

It is a really good, well-reasoned and well thought-out article so I suggest, if you have not already done so, you check it out on the Lucky 13 blog.

Oh and while you are doing so you can find out why Scott specifically mentions Walter Mulder and Sunny Suggs.

Jon Olson and Walter Mulder TELive

In yesterday’s TELive, special guest Walter Mulder from TrafficRUs spoke about his experience at being the first person to offer CTP experience points to his members.

In short the response has been fantastic as he:

  • brought in new members to his traffic exchange – both paid and free
  • encouraged existing members to upgrade within his program and
  • found that both new and existing members bought more credits from him

The combination of being quick to take action, a huge buzz about CTP XP, being a well-known member of the community with a proven platform like TrafficRUs all played a part in the success.

But as well as that Walter also used his XP wisely…he was able to offer a large package of offers in a 24-hour special to suit all membership grades and budgets.

Here is a screenshot of just some of the offers Walter put up yesterday to conicide with his traffic exchange being the site featured on the CTP Daily Challenge…

Walter Mulder TrafficRUs Daily Challenge offers

Talk about leveraging what is out there to get the best returns for yourself and for your customers.

This is what being a member of the CTP and TimTech community is all about. Yes it is about games and fun, but predominantly it is about business and Walter has shown that using CTP is a pretty powerful tool indeed when it comes to building a business.

And just in case there is any doubt that this worked for Walter…the 24 hour CTP XP giveaway worked and it worked really well.

How do I know…well as soon as Walter saw the results of the 24 hour special he sent an email out to all his members.

Part of the email read:

“Wow, wow, wow, what an amazing day it was yesterday! Thank you everyone who participated in the Daily Challenge.

“For me it was a busy day too, I tried to catch up with the chat, had to manually assign CTP XP, giving out CTP goodies, taking care of the missed badges and more fun like that 🙂 We broke all records!

“One of the most asked questions yesterday was: ‘is the XP giveaway a one time thing or are you planning to do more with it.’ I had to give it some thought and consideration and decided that from now on with every purchase made I’ll give out 250 CTP XP per dollar spent.

“So with every dollar spent you’ll get 250 XP added to your CTP account as a token of my appreciation.”

I think we can safely say that it works for Walter…now it is your turn to make it work for you.

Every now and again something happens in life that really is a total game changer. In the totally literal sense it is the winning goal scored in the last kick of the football game…and, yes, that really does happen.

But what if something came along which had the potential to do that for YOU and for YOUR business? Well it happened yesterday right here at CTP.

On the face of it, this is something you could easily overlook or not take the time to understand. If you were at TELive yesterday then you will already know what I am talking about but, if not, then let me explain.

First take a look at this screenshot…it is from the XP Giveaways page of CTP, which is located within the ‘Promos” tab.

XP Giveaways for CTPIt doesn’t really look like a game changer does it? But looks can be deceiving. Now, for the first time ever, you can have your own personal bank of CTP experience points to give away as you see fit.

Previously this was only open to TimTech…it is one of the ways that TimTech used to build its business…actually it still is one of the main ways TimTech uses to build its business.

And now you can too. Traffic exchange users have leveraged the power of giving away XP via the daily challenges and, without fail, they see a huge spike in traffic, whenever they have a daily challenge with TimTech.

But there are many people in this industry who also want to make a living online but who don’t have a traffic exchange. This is not a problem. You really don’t have to be a TE owner to make a successful living in this niche.

Maybe you are more interested in building your downlines in a couple of key programs which you love, or encouraging more of your downline to upgrade, or building a list, or gaining more comments on your blog, or getting more followers on social media or bringing more people into your shows or…well just about anything.

Now YOU can leverage the power of CTP XP to help you achieve your goals…and make your customers or subscribers happy in the process.

P.S. I think I should take a moment to explain the headline to this post. Yesterday in TELive while Jon was talking about this new deal,
Walter Mulder from TrafficR.us was the first person to snap up this offer.

He grabbed some personal XP and – even as Jon was still talking about the awesome potential this offered – Walter was already offering CTP XP as bonus for people who bought credits or upgraded at TrafficR.us

Well done Walter…now everyone knows what you know.