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Jon Olson promo video for Sea Life Hits

It is sad that very often in certain sections of the online community there are a lot of people who are all talk…and very little more than that.

It is easy to say you will do something, but often it is not easy to actually follow through.

Well when Jon announced in TELive recently that he would help promote owners who bought certain promo packages with TimTech he had every intention on following up on that offer.

Sig and Bradley at Sea Life Hits were quick to take up Jon’s offer and yesterday you may have seen the video he put together to coincide with them having the Daily Challenge yesterday. (In fact Sea Life Hits has the Daily Challenge every Thursday this month for all you advance planners out there.

Check out Jon’s video below and if you want to know how you could get Jon do do a video for your promo then send him an email.

To say that we have been impressed at the reaction to the new CTP Members Training section would be the understatement of the year so far.

Jon mentioned it a couple of times in TELive this week and now we have 16 videos already up and running in the training area of CTP.

The reaction from other members has been extremely positive and it is great to actually hear, first hand, how people are using CTP and how it is helping you in your online businesses.

So what of the next eight…well they are summarized here using the same style as in the post for the first eight:

  1. Virginia Herron from The Strays – “Good splash pages get attention like a billboard on a highway.”Verginia Herron CTP Members Training
  2. Tom Wacker from Lucky 13 – “TELive gives you tips and hints every day about how to run your business….work hard every day, even when you don’t want to do it.”
  3. Lynn M from Lucky 13 – “You don’t have to pay some marketer thousands of dollars to learn the exact same things you are going to learn in CTP.”
  4. Lynn again from Lucky 13 – “Pick one thing that is just yours and do something nobody else is doing to give value to other people.”Lynn M on CTP Members Training
  5. Richard Arblaster from #ovendogs – “CTP and particularly CTP Teams really raises your social profile online.”
  6. Jean Kopinski (and some assorted chickens) from Lucky 13 – “You have to stay the course, you have to spend money and you have to work on your online business every single day.”Jean Kopinski (and some assorted chickens) on CTP Members Training
  7. Carl Davies from Plus one everyday – “Give something of value to others. Get AdKreator and get creative.”
  8. Rosita Maasch from Empower World Team – “Take your time – you don’t have to learn everything in one day.”Rosita Maasch on CTP Members Training

Awesome job everyone…and we still want more. If you have got a video of your own or if you are inspired to shoot one right now then just send the YouTube link to Jon when you are done.

Last week saw the battle between The Strays and Lucky 13 for top spot, and as we know, Lucky 13 held on to their lead all week.

Naturally there was rivalry between both teams during the week…just as you would expect there would be from two very competitive teams.

Yesterday in TELive I mentioned this splash page which Boris made about rivals The Strays:

Losers jibe from Lucky 13 to The Strays

Some people thought the headline was a bit harsh, as did I when I first heard about it. But, having seen the page, I can see that this is nothing more than gentle ribbing.

Now it is the time for The Strays to respond…to keep the rivalry going. Nobody gets hurt, nobody is attacked personally, but it brings something of a competition within a competition if you like.

Jon had a great idea for this week’s Sweeva Surf Party (let’s hope we can get him out of his new hot tub in time for the SSP!) and said a battle of the splash pages between these two teams would be awesome.

It sure would. And with The Strays now with a new leader maybe they are already planning their next move.

Watch this space as they say.