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Tag:  Vault and Key

Tag: Vault and Key

Since we launched our new automated system for sites to take part in the Daily Challenge we have been delighted with the response.

Traffic exchange owners love how easy it is to use and surfers love the way that they can easily see where future challenges will take place for up to a month in advance.

The most frequent question people asked was whether we would automate the process for the Vault’n’Keys too…so we have now done so.

It follows exactly the same format as the Daily Challenge page with the schedule shown on the page and available dates highlighted.

Vault'n'keys schedule

In the image above Tuesday September 29 is actually TE Racing League…and if you want to verify that between now and then just click here. (The moving image just happened to turn totally white as I grabbed the screenshot which explains the blank image above.)

So there are three new pages:

Daily Challenge


Vault’n’Key Gold

And just to make things even easier for everyone, each page has links to every other via clickable tabs at the top.

New self-serve auto promo tabs for CTP

You can also access the pages via the Promos tab at the top of the CTP home page.


Security Guard Melvin loads 50,000 XP into the CTP Gold and Silver Vaults in pencilOur very own Melvin is a guy who likes to keep himself busy. One of his roles is Chief of Security for the vast TimTech compound known only as “Area CTP.”

It is here that the CTP Experience Points (XP) are manufactured, checked for quality, stored and distributed.

Yesterday he gave Bill unprecedented access to the compound but Bill had to remove all his electronic devices before stepping inside, least any images might slip out onto the internet.

He was allowed to take one coloring book and a dozen pencils though, in order to capture a very important moment within TimTech…the loading of the Gold and Silver Vaults with bundles of 50,000 XP.

50,000 XP Giveaway

So from now on, every time you open either the gold or the silver vaults you have a chance of winning the jackpot 50,000 XP…potentially multiple times per day.

You just have to play the game as normal, collecting the two keys to open each vault, for a chance of winning Melvin’s jackpot stash.

Good luck…and if you win then you know exactly who to thank.

CTP Vault and Key promo now comes with 50,000 XP jackpot prize - splash page

A lot of people in this industry complain that the activity levels at their traffic exchanges are not exactly sparkling. Traffic trickles in, views are nothing to write home about and not a lot happens.

It does not need to be that way. It does not need to be that way at all. What if you didn’t have that problem? What if somehow there was a way to put the sparkle back into your program?

What if the only problem you had was whether your server was up to the job of dealing with all the traffic we could put your way?

Well this is TimTech and we crash servers of the unwary by bringing in tons of traffic to your sites.

Our Vault and Keys and Submarine Game promos are loved by traffic exchange users because of the gamified elements we have built into them. They are loved by traffic exchange owners because they bring lots of new eyes to their sites…new eyes means more traffic and this translates into more signups and upgrades.

Maybe you have never tried it…well now is time to see what partnering up with TimTech to leverage the power of CTP and our awesome community could do for your site.

You could tie it in with a giveaway of CTP experience points (XP) for every “x” pages surfed on the day you hold a promo. (Huge hint – people love collecting XP. It is a traffic magnet right now.)

Stuck for ideas or need a little bit more help? Then Brenda (BrendaBroyles on Skype) is the person to talk to at TimTech. Check them out on the CTP Promo Page (scroll down to Vault and Key Promos or Sub Game Promo) or check out Brenda’s blog for more information.

Brenda Broyles blog for CTP promos