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Jon Olson and Tony Tezak on TELive

Tuesday’s TELive where Jon interviewed Tony Tezak from Tezak Traffic Power and Lucky 13 was a joy to listen to.

In fact it was so good I would have to say it must be one of the very best TELive shows ever.

I listened to it twice…once when it was live on Tuesday and again before writing this blog post.

It was good because Tony, one of the most knowledgeable people in the TE industry, gave some of the best information that I have ever heard.

Some of what he said must have been uncomfortable for some to listen to, perhaps very uncomfortable indeed at times…but it was information which needed to be said.

If you didn’t watch the show, and you have more than a passing interest in the traffic exchange industry, then I would strongly suggest that you set a side a full hour without interruptions and watch it as soon as you can.

Have a pen and paper to hand to take notes too because there is a lot you can learn from Tuesday’s talk.

Jon later described it as the most important TELive that he had ever done so, that alone, should tell  you that it is some awesome content from one of the most known, experienced, successful and well liked people in the industry.

Find out more including a link to Tuesday’s TELive with Tony Tezak:

The Most Important T.E. Live I’ve Ever Done…

I was going to do a big blog post telling you that Tezak Traffic Power is now live from today with its Tiered XP surf badges.

I was wondering what would be the very best words to use to convey the excitement of the occasion.

Then I looked at YouTube and realized that I didn’t need any words at all. A video would do it all perfectly…this video in fact.

Welcome on board Tony and be sure you are prepared for all the new surfers, members and fans you will gain from this awesome  CTP community.

Oh I almost forgot…here is the video…Jon Olson style.

I don’t think that anyone who attended TELive yesterday could have doubted that Jon Olson was just a tiny bit excited.

Jon does tend to get excited when he has a big announcement to make…but on a day when he has TWO big announcements to make then the excitement goes off the scale.

So in case you missed it these were the announcements…

Robert Puddy brings tiered XP Badges to Advertising Know-How

Jon has made no secret of the fact that he would love to see CTP badges across the whole TE industry so this is certainly one huge step in that direction.

Advertising Know-How is “one of the big-boy TEs” as Jon put it on TELive and Robert has decided to bring tiered XP badges to his members there. The order has just been confirmed and the badge builder backroom boys are already working on bringing these new XP badges to you.

Obviously when they go live then you will be amongst the first to know. This is excellent news indeed and we are sure they will really take off.

The second big news announcement was…

Tony Tezak brings tiered XP Badges to Tezak Traffic Power

So to sign up one big industry name for tiered XP badges is one thing but to get two in one day is double awesome indeed.

This is the first KRM TE to order CTP badges and anyone who watched TELive could not fail to see how happy Jon was. Jon said: “We have wanted Tony to get badges for years and we could not be happier that he has decided to do so.

“This is such a huge win for CTP and for Tezak Traffic Power – I am thrilled and I know Tony will be blown away.

“Both of these announcements are epic and I think that CTP Teams will go haywire now with these new developments.”

Tony Tezak announces tiered XP badges for Tezak Traffic Power on TELive

Tony said: “How can I not ignore 500,000 members – if I get just one per cent of you all surfing my TE I’m going to be absolutely thrilled.

“I think we are going to have a lot of fun with this and I am really happy. I appreciate the warm welcome we have received from everyone at TimTech…let’s have fun.”

It is not only badges that links Tony with TimTech sites. He already has the blue bomb on Tezak Traffic Power every single Friday through to February 2015. Also he is a very active member of Lucky 13.

As soon as the badges are live at these two sites we then you will be informed, so check your email and check this site for updates…but you won’t be kept waiting long!