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Tag: @TimTechNerds


So the waiting is finally over and ListViral is back, bigger and better than ever.

First things first, it is not a mailer. We already have an awesome mailer which is ListNerds so launching a second one just for the sake of it did not make sense.

If you know us already then you will know that we are committed to the Plus 1 mentality…it is in everything we do and it should be in everything you do too.

So with Plus 1 very much at the forefront of our minds, we wanted to know what we could do to ListNerds to take it to the next level so that you could take your online business to the next level.

We wanted something that was:

  • easy to use
  • served a genuine purpose
  • would help our customers grow their businesses
  • was highly cost effective and
  • put list building on autopilot.

List building is the one thing that will grow your business, take it to new levels and set you apart from everyone else who does not have a list.

Until now there has been something of a mystery of how exactly to do it. ListViral removes the mystery, adds a TimTech twist and makes list building easier than ever before.

It seamlessly integrates with RocketResponder to make list building as easy and affordable as it is possible to get.

And it totally removes the main barriers to list building which prevents so many people from getting started.

It has hard to get started in list building if you don’t have some product, such as a quality e-book, to encourage sign ups.

Even if you have an book, you will still need a professional squeeze page and an email follow up series for your subscribers.

In fact you will be able to build your list far better if you have multiple e-books, squeeze pages and email messages and it can take many months of hard work just to get these all up and running.

ListViral members don’t have those problems because we have already taken care of all the difficult, time-intensive tasks for you.

So it is live now…go ahead and check it out.


TimTechNerds on TwitterNow, should you choose to do so, you can follow TimTech on Twitter.

@TimTechNerds is live and tweeting out every single thing that happens in the land of TimTech the moment it happens.

Well, not quite. I don’t think anyone could actually handle that level of social.

But we are on Twitter and we will be keeping you informed of things you want to know.

So if you want the latest on the commissions paid out at CTP, links to blog posts and a bit of news, gossip and scandal thrown in for good measure then that is the place to be.

We would have done this earlier but we thought that Melvin had more than enough on his plate so until now we had not told him about Twitter.

Can you believe that he didn’t know what a hashtag was until last week?

Well actually he did but he was using them all wrong. However Jon quickly got him up to speed and he is now free to tweet away to his heart’s content.

Feel free to join in the conversation too and also to ask questions and generally make it a two way process…just as social is meant to be.

When Melvin is online he loves to talk. Face-to-face he can be a bit nervous and shy sometimes, but online there is no stopping him from chatting away.