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Tag: Thomas Sheets

Jon Olson on TELive

After more than 19,000 badges containing Bill’s face were claimed…we have our winner.

Thomas Sheets managed to find 241 of the 250 badges which had been distrubuted throughout cyberspace…an amazing achievement.

Jon announced the winner on yesterday’s TELive and Thomas as a very worthy winner of the $500 cash prize…so well done, once again, on being such an expert hunter of badges.

This was the biggest badge hunt in TimTech’s history and we think it went well…very well actually.

There will be more badge hunts to come…the next one should be around hallowe’en or thereabouts.

But we have a question for you all: “What could do to make the next badge hunt even better?”

We want to know how things could be better from the point of view of both the badge hunters and the badge sponsors.

Maybe there is something new we could introduce that would make the contest even more fun and exciting…something you would like to see but that nobody else has thought of yet.

In fact any feedback at all would be great…good or bad.

Janelle will also be reaching out to all the badge sponsors separately so if you have any thoughts or suggestions then she wants to know.

Thomas described the badge hunt as “fantastic fun” and that is a great way to sum it up.

It also helped raise money for charity, build up people’s online businesses, raise people’s profiles, put people into programs, get names on lists and so much more.

The badge hunt itself was just on for two weeks but the positive impact it could have is something which could last for a very long time indeed.

I don’t know about you but I am already looking forward to the next one.

CTP XP Megasurf explosion

Thomas Sheets from Renegades has come up with a rather interesting promotion.

It is called the CTP XP Mega XPlosion where 5,000,000 XP Up For Grabs plus one million XP as a grand prize.

There are ten traffic exchanges taking part in the contest which will reward today’s top surfers.

The Object: Win All The XP You Can!
The Rules: Surf All The 10 TE’s(min 100 pgs ea.) to qualify for the Top 10
To Qualify for the Grand Prize You Must be in the Top 10 at All Exchanges!

This sounds really fun. If you are not taking part in this already then there is still time…so get clicking.