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Tag:  The OutKasts

Tag: The OutKasts

The OutKasts CTP Team LogoWe are the latest team in CTP Teams. We are The OutKasts and we can never, ever win.

You see there are times when the old saying is true…winning isn’t everything, it is the taking part that counts.

We are in CTP Teams because we want to be. We want to compete for the simple pleasure of competing. We are not after prizes for doing well, we are just here doing what we do when we have time to do it.

In fact The OutKasts is the only team on CTP Teams that cannot win any of the end of season prizes. We don’t count but we are here.

Janelle formed the team because she didn’t want the distraction of being on one of the major teams. She is extremely busy and wants to concentrate on her work first and foremost while really getting to enjoy CTP Teams when she is able to take part.

I write the CTP Teams blog and being associated with one of the top teams in the contest led to a few raised eyebrows in certain quarters. I understand that and so I am now an impartial OutKast.


The newest team on CTO Teams We are the OutKasts and we will never win anything

We are the OutKasts and we are here to have fun. For us the motivation is the game itself while building new and strengthening existing relationships within this awesome online community.

So from all of us OutKasts to all of you team players…you have worked very hard to make CTP Teams what it is today. We thank each and every one of you for taking part and long may CTP Teams grow and prosper.

Have fun.