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So the demise of the OutKasts means that there has been some changes in CTP Teams.

While the team may have gone away, many former OutKasts have been looking for new homes.

Making an OutKasts 2, OutKasts Too, OutKasts B or OutKasts Bee team was clearly never an option. I mean imagine being the B Team for the worst team in CTP Teams… as a concept it actually defies logic so we didn’t go there.

InToWin team logoSo where did we go?

Janelle, or Jangle if you prefer, moved over to InToWin in the Pharaohs Army Division.

The team has 23 of its potential 25 membership positions filled and is currently in last place on the Seasonal Standings with 16 points.

With Renegades leading with the maximum of 55 points, they will be a very hard team to displace from the top spot.

Tom Wacker found a new home in Lucky 13 Too in the SiteXplosion Division so not too much of a surprise there.Lucky 13 Too team logo

Some say that Tom has Lucky 13 in his blood or in his DNA and this may very well be right. He will certainly feel more at home there than as an OutKast…that is for sure.

The team currently has 15 of a potential 25 members and is fourth place in the seasonal standings with 24 points.

Hunters lead this division with 55 points – they are one of only three teams not to have dropped a point all season. That is to say that so far this season they have finished every week in first place. (SurfAholics Alpha in the Legacy Hits Division are the third team to have the maximum points for Season Three.)

Ultimate Surf Warriors team logoBrenda has switched to Ultimate Surf Warriors in the Ragin’ Redneck Division.

This is a strong team, with 23 of its 25 places filled, and currently sitting number two in the seasonal rankings for its division.

Ultimate Surf Warriors, with 42 points, is just 12 points behind divisional leaders Living Wealthy so the question is whether Brenda will use her cane to whip her team mates into shape to challenge for the top spot. Time will tell I guess.

Jon finds himself as a member of WealthBuilders 2.0 which means there are two former OutKasts now in the SiteXplosion Division.

WealthBuilders 2.0 team logoThis team has 24 of its 25 member base filled and is in second place in the division – although there is a big gap of 20 points between them and first placed Hunters.

Could it be that the Hunters are about to become the hunted? Val and his team mates need to watch out for this new challenge – it looks like very interesting times are ahead.

And if you have been following TELive since all these changes have been announced then you will see that the trash talking has already begun…and is likely to continue for some time.

Finally just a note about fair play. Clearly, if they wanted to, any former member of the OutKasts could, in theory, be able to award their teams unlimited XP to secure a win.

There would be no fun in that at all and we all agree that doing that would be worse than remaining as an OutKast…so the XP earning options that these new members bring to the table are exactly the same as the XP earning options of any other CTP Teams member.

So have fun everybody and let the trash talk begin…

The activity within all sections of CTP Teams continues to be really impressive.

In fact, as I was looking at the league tables a few moments ago I could only find five teams who were in the same position as they were at the end of last week.

The biggest change is for Emporia Systems which has risen 14 places from 53 last week to 39th place right now and Team Mavericks is not far behind with a 12 point leap from 55th to 43rd place.

The most common shift this week is a jump up of four places and the most common downwards move is by three places.

The thing that really leaps out at me is that, certainly for the vast majority of teams within the Competitive League, relatively modest levels of increased team activity can have a dramatic impact on the overall standings.

I think this is a very important thing to keep in mind as we prepare for the start of Season Three…regular team activity can have a massive positive impact on team league positions.

One person trying to earn points for eight hours a day will make a difference and could certainly make a really significant difference.

However an entire team putting in just one hour every day, especially when working on an overall team strategy, could see seismic shifts in team fortunes.

It is certainly something to think about, and plan for, as we look forward to Season Three.

However, back in the here and now, Season Two is still going very strongly indeed.

CTP Teams Premier League mid table S2 W8 D5

The biggest battle going on right now is for fifth, sixth and seventh place where hardly anything at all separates Dream Team, Beginners and Winners and Renegades.

Interestingly the top two of those teams were not even in the Premier League last week so they really have it all to play for.

Right now Ubers are first with a sizeable lead over the Alphas and Lucky 13 are third. If I was a betting man, that is how I would predict the top three teams to remain on Sunday night…however CTP Teams is far from predictable so I won’t be placing any bets.

As Week 8 now enters its final stage it only remains for me to say…good luck everyone and have fun.

XP Bonus to celebrate CTP becoming four

Happy Birthday CTP. This week Click Track Profit – the online training program which helped revolutionise the TE industry – is four years old.

And what an amazing four years we have seen…the rise of social interactions, badges driving activity, diverse bite-size training, a raft of new games which have spread througout the industry, CTP Teams, the coming together of a vibrant online community and so much more.

It is amazing that we have managed to fit so much in to these four short years and we are already planning some of the awesome sauce goodies that will be part of the next four years.

But for now it is time to celebrate and we have thrown a party right across the whole of TimTech land.

So from now and right through until February 9 we would like to give you 10,000 CTP XP for every single dollar that you spend with TimTech.

It is as simple as that and there are absolutely no catches at all: $1 = 10,000 XP, unless, of course, you happen to be Kore4 and then we ramp things up by 400% – now every dollar is worth 40,000 XP for our Kore4 members.

So whether you need credits or tokens, a promo or an upgrade, then come celebrate with us and mark CTP’s fourth birthday.

Finally, we could never have done any of this without you, the loyal members who have helped put CTP where it is today.

Whether you have been with us from day one, or whether today is your day one at CTP, then many thanks to each and every one of you.

But where exactly is CTP at today? Well here are some numbers:

– $146,309 has been paid out in commissions

– we have just welcomed our 119,036th member to the CTP community

– 80 members have joined so far this morning (it is only 7am Eastern as I write this post)

– 476 members are online right now

– 958 members have logged in so far today alone

and one more thing…

You know those badges, the ones people said would never last and made us the laughing stock of the industry…

– 22,774,453 badges have been claimed. (I think CTP badge fans have had the last laugh after all.)

By the way, as the previous blog post has shown, now could not be a more opportune time to get a much-needed CTP XP boost.

Right throughout CTP Teams – from the top of the Premier League to the bottom of the Competitive League – teams could dramatically affect their rankings with very little effort indeed. See the screengrab below so see how close many of the teams are.

CTP has truly shaken up this industry and now you can let its fourth birthday celebrations shake up the rankings at CTP Teams.

Screenshot shows how close things are in CTP Teams S2 W5 D4


CTP Teams leaderboard, top five, S2 W2, D5

Even the most superficial glance at the leaderboard this week will show you that the really huge numbers of recent weeks are not being repeated this time round.

The 24-hour reset of the team bonuses saw to a decrease in overall team points but that does not mean the competition is any less intense…it remains just as strong as ever it was.

SurfAholics Alpha – now with a new leader in place – remain in top spot – with Uber Surfers about a billion points or so behind them and Lucky 13 about a billion points behind the Ubers.

Earlier in the week Ubers and Lucky 13 were neck and neck but Walter’s team has pulled ahead quite a bit in recent days. The question is whether they can continue the momentum or whether the Lucky 13 team will move into a higher gear for the home straight.

Only the top three teams have broken the one billion point barrier this week, another consequence of the bonus structure changes. Renegades in fourth place could do so but fifth place Dream Team probably have a little too much ground to make up.

A closer look at the leaderboard will show that from the mid Premier League to the bottom of the Competitive League there are clear bands with a lot of teams clumped together where any one of them could change position relatively easily.

This is exciting and shows that teamwork will help teams not only jump ahead of their nearest rivals but that they could leapfrog them by several places in many instances.

Cash Surfing Network, The Strays and TE Racing League hold the top three positions in the Competitive League respectfully and are all well ahead of the competition.

As we move towards the home straight for week two…good luck everyone.


This week has shown us yet another reason why the members of CTP Teams are so awesome.

Officially this is a week off between seasons where players can have a break and recharge their batteries between contests.

We had thought about just shutting everything down for a week but we are glad we didn’t do so because the competitive spirit is so high in this community.

I should have nothing to report this week but given that eight of the top ten teams this have more than one billion points, that was never going to happen.

Season One champions SurfAholics Alpha are in first place this week and even they are not really competing for anything they have racked up more than 25 billion points between them.

Kore4 have moved up a place to second with 9.5 billion while Uber Surfers have dropped down a spot with 5.6 billion and Lucky 13 remain in fourth with 5.3 billion. Clearly the message that this was a week of rest has failed to get through and that is why you guys are so awesome…people are competing in CTP Teams because they enjoy it and we could not ask for any more from our members.

A similarly small margin separates Dream Team and Renegades in fifth and sixth places respectively and it is the same with WealthBuilders and Surf Lovers in seventh and eight spots.

For a quiet week things are anything but quiet.

one billion

We now have two teams in the contest that broken the one billion barrier – Lucky 13 and SurfAholics Alpha.

These two teams have first and second places between them in the Premier League and have really pulled away quite dramatically from the rest of the competition.

Uber Surfers and The Strays are battling for third spot while Dream Team, Surf To Earn and Hunters are struggling this week.

CTP Teams Premier League on Sepbember 19 2014

It is another week where things have not moved too much – the top seven teams are the same top seven teams as last week.

Looking at the Competitive League it can be seen that Empower World Team has broken away from everyone else while Kore4 and those SurfAholic Bravos should have done enough to get back to the premiership.

An interesting side note is that the Empower and Bravo teams are both relatively small right now – with 15 and 11 members respectively so it is especially well done to them.

Competitive League as of September 19 2014

CTP Teams Premier League Snapshot on 30814

With just over a day to go SurfAholics Alpha are still in first place despite losing three members to the two teams directly below them.

The first two departures were mentioned in this post and Victoria Stein later switched to Uber Surfers but the Alphas were quick to regroup and so far have lost very little momentum at all.

Walter Mulder – who has been recruiting hard in the week or so since he launched Uber Surfers – has also recruited Anton Parvov from Premiership rivals Bonz Brigade.

Uber Surfers are currently still third ahead of Lucky 13 and there is a fair sized gap opened up now between the top three and the rest of the Premier League.

I did say in my last round up that the league was tightest at the bottom and since then we have seen that Cash Surfing Network has climbed from ninth to sixth place – taking them out of the relegation zone.

However as the surfing activity moves up a gear in the final hours of this contest nothing is guaranteed as of now.



CTP Teams - same as last week

Jon noticed this earlier but I forgot about it until now…it has been a busy week for me.

Normally there is a lot of movement within CTP Teams as they all jockey for position and add new tactics into the mix to try and gain the best competitive advantage.

However when this screenshot was taken nine of the ten teams at the top of the Premier League were in exactly the same position as they were in the week before.

In the grand scheme of things it does not really mean anything at all but we both thought you might like to see the screenshot none the less.

Interestingly if you look at a similar snapshot right now (8.43 am Eastern on Thursday) there has not been a huge amount of change…

CTP Teams premier league snapshot as of 21 august 2014

All of the teams that were in the top 12 last week are in the top 12 this week.

The top four teams have not changed position and, in fact, six of the 12 teams are in the same position as they were last week.

Of the teams that have moved CTP Renegades and Bonz Brigade have simply swapped positions with each other in the middle of the table.

At the bottom of the table it is the same story; the teams in positions 9 through to 12 are exactly the same as last week – they have just swapped with each other.

Interesting. Well at least I think so.

CTP Teams…bringing you random information since 2014.