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Here is the bad news.

If only you had started building your list a year ago then you would be in a better position than you are today.

Here is the good news.

If you have not started already then you can start building your list from today, and if you have only done so half-heartedly until now then you can really put passion and effort into it from today.

Jon has repeatedly said that his main regret during his time online is not making list-building a priority from day one and Tony Tezak, another leading player in the industry, has said exactly the same on this blog.

RocketResponder for list building

If you missed yesterday’s TELive then do try and find time to watch the recording as Jon had some really great tips about how to communicate with your list of subscribers.

I think that this is a topic which will come up several more times in the weeks and months ahead so if you have any questions about any aspect of list building then bring them to Jon in TELive and he will answer them for you.

It is also great to see that the decision to award CTP Teams players bonus team points for building their lists is really catching on.

In case you missed it, you will get a 2% bonus for your team for each new name you put on your RocketResponder list.

It has been just a couple of days since this was launched and already it is having an impact on CTP Teams as these screenshots show…

Team CSN screenshot

Lucky 13 screenshot

This is a huge opportunity for you to build your business as you have fun with CTP Teams.

There had been complaints in the past that there was too much emphasis on people getting team points from making purchases or taking upgrades at the expense of others who were building their businesses.

Well there is no better way to build your business than laying the rock solid foundation of a healthy subscribers’ list.

Finally you can check how many new people you added to your list in a new “subscribers” column next to your name on your team profile page.

Members screenshot from CTP Teams


UPDATE: 11.50am Eastern: The issue with the points has been resolved and the totals now showing are now totally correct, showing last week’s points and this week’s points.


Late last night Melvin was locking up the TimTech compound when, rather unusually, he allowed himself to become a little distracted.

He took a call from a special lady friend and was so engrossed in the conversation that he forgot to lock the weekly points numbers up for the night.

Seeing that he was distracted, the numbers ran away and hid in their secret room where they spent hours telling jokes, sharing secrets and playing cards.

As anyone who is familiar with CTP Teams will know, we have a very large, er, number of numbers to look after, so getting them back where they are supposed to be may take a little time.

However they have all been accounted for and can be found right here…and this week’s numbers are all behaving as they should.

So keep playing because your hard work for last and this week will determine the division you get to play in for the start of the main season in a week’s time.

SurfAholics Alpha first CTP Teams team to reach one hundred billion points

Yesterday I predicted that SurfAholics Alpha would be the first team to break the one hundred billion weekly points barrier…and that they would do it today.

As I write this short update they are currently at 103 billion points and climbing while Lucky 13 are on 57.5 billion points. So well done Alphas on such an amazing performance. Now I am waiting for Lucky 13 to do the same. I predicted that Lucky 13 would hit the magic number on Friday so keep going strong guys and don’t let me down.

Let’s see if they are still on track. We are currently 65 hours into the week which means they are adding points at the rate of 0.88 billion per hour which means it would take them 113 hours to make 100 billion. This is 4.73 days which is sometime on Friday evening so, yes, Lucky 13 are on course to get there too on the day I originally calculated that they would.

Go guys. Go.