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Using RocketResponder for list building makes sense

Look at this screenshot for a moment. What does it tell you?

“Well it tells me that TimTech are leading yet another affiliate contest…super yawn…very interesting…now tell me why I should care.”

Wow someone is in a bad mood today…what else does it tell you?

“Hmm that Tony Tezak is doing well too?”

No, no, no, you  are totally missing the point because today’s lesson is all about list building.

If you have been around this industry for any period of time then you will know that TimTech is pretty much at the top of any affiliate contest it enters.

In fact TimTech is so good at this, that some people ensure that TimTech is excluded from their contests for that very reason.

Yesterday in TELive Jon explained the number one reason why his company does so well in these contests.

It is because TimTech has been building lists of subscribers for many years and makes this a key feature of its business on a daily basis.

It is having a list that allows you to do things such as:

– educate and inform your subscribers about things they are interested in

– cement your position as an authority figure within your niche

– publicize your range of goods and/or services

– make sales

– make sales

– make sales

Thankfully we have sometthing at TimTech which allows us to do all this…it is called RocketResponder and you can take full advantage of it too for just $20-a-month.

How important is it to build a list?

Well put it like this. If you are working online (or offline for that matter) and not building a subscriber list then everything else you are doing could be for absolutely nothing at all.

Or as Jon explained in TELive yesterday: “Your vision going forward should be to stop focusing on getting 10 cents from surfing and start focusing on how to get 10 new subscribers instead.

“We made a mistake by not focusing on subscribers at the very beginning but it not a mistake we will make again and it is not a mistake we want you to make either.”

New RocketResponder feature for CTP Teams

We want to make it really easy for you to begin building your list so we had a bit of a brainwave.

We already know how much people enjoy being on CTP Teams and helping their teams do well. So we have introduced a new feature where you get a 2% team bonus for every new subscriber you bring into your own mailing list using Rocket Responder.

So you build your list, your team gets a bonus each time your list grows and everybody wins.

Jon said this feature was aimed at “bringing the focus back to BUSINESS in the traffic exchange industry” and that is exactly what you need to be doing if you are serious about making your online activities pay off for you.

How It Works

1. Join RocketResponder if you have not already done so.

2. Login to RocketResponder and enter your CTP username on this page.Integrate RocketResponder with CTP

3. That’s it. You are now good to go.

By the way, another really easy way to find the RocketResponder page to enter your CTP username is to go to your team page on CTP Teams and scroll to the bottom where you will find a link to the page you need.

Integrating RocketResponder with CTP

Finally the message here is not to stop surfing…of course we want you to use our traffic exchanges, it is just that surfing for mere pennies is not the way to go.

Here is that screenshot once again…there is good money to be made if you work smart at building your business and using RocketResponder to build your list of subscribers is one of the smartest moves you could make.

Using RocketResponder for list building makes sense

Tim Tech Black Friday 2014 banner

TimTech’s amazing Black Friday 2014 weekend of deals is almost upon us and it is time to reveal a little more of what you can expect this year.

Yesterday we revealed how every purchase gets you a 10% team points bonus which applies from the moment you make the purchase and runs right up until 11.59.59pm on Sunday December 7.

But it gets better because every five hours we have Double Down Deals where you get two awesome deals instead of one and where you also get double the bonus.

So for a Double Down Deal Hour for every dollar spent, you get a 20% bonus for your team. To get the bonus all you have to decide is whether to take one or other or both of the deals…whichever option you decide to take then the 20% bonus is applied to the dollar amount that you spend.

The Black Friday Weekend is almost upon us. Get ready for our best deals of the year, a marathon 102 hour Spreecast, bonus XP and more. Saving money has never been so much fun.

Tim Tech Black Friday 2014 banner

Previously we hinted at the team bonuses for Tim Tech’s Black Friday 2014 weekend spectacular…and now it is time to spill the beans.

As this is our first Black Friday event since the creation of teams we wanted to make it extra special for teams…while keeping things really simple and easy to understand.

So here goes…the deal is this:

For every single dollar you spend on our Black Friday promotional offers you gain a 10% points bonus for your team. In addition the bonus is applied immediately and it will last until 11.59.50pm on Sunday December 7.

It is simple but it can be amazingly effective and has the potential to really shake up CTP Teams while it is active. So do you want your team to leapfrog SurfAholics Alpha, Lucky 13 or Uber Surfers? Well now is your chance.

If you are mid-table in the Competitive League, (or even in last place in the Competitive League) and want to get right into the Premier League, perhaps for the first time ever, then now is your chance.

How it works – some examples:

You spend $5 on a Black Friday deal. Great stuff – you have grabbed yourself a bargain but you have also get your team a 50% points bonus from the time of your purchase until close of play on Sunday December 7.

You spend $10 on another deal. Now you have another amazing bargain and have gained your team an additional 100% bonus.

You spend $50 on a third deal. You love a bargain and are really taking advantage of this once-a-year deep discount. You are happy with your purchases because you have saved massively and your team is happy because you have now earned them a 500% bonus, making it 650 points in total.

Let’s say that every member of a 25-strong team spends just $5 then that is a team bonus of 1,250%.  As Jon might say…let that marinate for a moment.

Coming up tomorrow…discover how you can earn a 20% team bonus for every dollar spent. Yes, that is right…it just keeps on getting better.

In TELive yesterday there was some discussion about team strategy and the various methods the various teams have of getting maximum numbers of points.

One of the things which was mentioned was taking part in the various set activities which are available throughout the day, such as the Daily Challenge, The Vault and Key and The Sub Game.

So Tim thought it might be a good idea to offer en even greater team incentive for more individuals to work for the overall team goal and set to work on making it happen.

The result is that the more often you and your team mates play the sub game and open vaults, the more rewarding this process is for the team as a whole.

As of right now, every time a team mate completes a vault key or sub game, the XP earned from completing one increases.

SurfAholics Alpha XP promo bonus screenshot

You can find the bonus by looking at your own team page and it shows up as “Bonus”

What do you think of that eh?