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Organized in three days

Sometimes we know what we want to do…and yet we just don’t seem to be able to get started.

Very often the problem is that we are hopelessly disorganized and need a little bit help getting some sort of structure for success.

Sunny Suggs knows how to get people organized and the next person she helps could be you.

She has just lanuched Organized in 3 Days and we think it is a great product so are more than happy to get behind this launch.

Sunny and Jon on a live Spreecast to launch Organized in 3 Days

Sunny and Jon on a live Spreecast to launch Organized in 3 Days

Jon described Sunny as the “hardest working person in the business” and he just well could be right.

As he said in a blog post just a few moments ago: “When Sunny launches something that details the exact steps she takes to create vibrant and effective websites, my ears perk up….

“It’s detailed step by step instructions that takes time management and proper planning to the next level. This is a must have resource and it’s NOT for people looking to get rich overnight.”

If you are just after free stuff and are not yet ready to work on your business then this is not for you.

However if you want to learn how to get organized for success then it most certainly is.

And – this is not marketing hype – but for the next 24 hours only you can get this at a special one-off price of just $17.

Yes the price does go up in 24 hours. It really does.

Why? Simple. Because $17 is too cheap for this deal and so will only be offered to those who take action fast.

Also if you join now through the link on this page then we will work some TimTech XP magic for your efforts…

Join now and get a whopping 5 million CTP XP!!!!!

P.S. Oh and before I forget…Today is Tom’s Birthday so Happy Birthday Tom.

Can you believe that there has actually been a request for a nerdy math post here on CTP Teams? Look I will show you.

Sunny CTP Teams Question

It came from Sunny Suggs after I referred to the sum of the internal angles of a 10-sided polygon in this blog post – What Does 1440 Mean To You?

So let’s get nerdy with some math. Feel free to walk away now if this is of no interest to you because there is nothing but math in this post, although not difficult math.

Let’s take the starting point that the interior angles of a triangle (any triangle) will always add up to 180 degrees. This means that in any given triangle only one of the angles can 90 degrees or greater and in a right angled triangle (where one angle is always 90 degrees) the other two angles must each be 45 degrees.

For some triangle fun – and to prove this for yourself then click on the image below and have a little play with the graphic to move the triangle and see what happens to its angles. (It will open up in a new tab so don’t forget to come back here when you are done playing.)

Interior angles of a triangle
Next up, a four sided shape or quadrilateral (such as a square or rectangle) is able to be cut in to two triangles so it follows that its internal angles must add up to 360 degrees, (180 + 180 degrees.)

In addition if the quadrilateral is one where all four vertices lie on a circle, known as a cyclic or inscribed quadrilateral, then each pair of opposite interior angles will always add up to 180 degrees. Again, click on the image below to find out for yourself.

interior angles of a quadrilateral

A five-sided shape, called a pentagon, can be cut into three triangles so its interior angles must add up to 3 x 180 = 540 degrees. A six sided polygon, a hexagon, can be cut into four triangles so its interior angles must add up to 4 x 180 = 720 degrees.

So from this pattern we can work out a formula to find the sum of the internal angles of any polygon, thus:

where the number of sides on the polygon = n then the sum of that polygon’s internal angles will be sum = 180 x (n-2) degrees.

So the sum of the internal angles of a 10-sided polygon must be

180 x (10-2) degrees

= 180 x 8 degrees

= 1440 degrees which is the figure given in the original blog post.

Finally if you want to play with some more polygons then click on this link below.

Sum of internal angles in any polygon

All graphic images used in this post are from Math Open Reference.

Badges Claimed in Bigfoot Badge Hunt

Bigfoot has gone one step further than just giving away badges…he has been keeping tabs of each one claimed. And right now he has decided to share that information with you too.

Every time a badge is claimed he uses his secret wireless uplink device to contact CTP HQ and the data is then flashed up on the home page of Click Track Profit.

Now, and for the duration of the badge hunt, when you look at the yellow ticker near the top of the screen then you will see how many Badge Hunt badges have been claimed.

Right now it is 4,632 so we are not too far off the 5,000 milestone and we are only three days in.

Of course that is not the only way to track numbers in this badge hunt as Sunny Suggs and Tom Wacker are prodiving daily updates on their unofficial badgehunt blog.

This blog is cool because it tells you when badges are ending or starting or when instructions for claiming are amended and which badges are being claimed the most.

In fact if you are taking part in the Bigfoot Badge Hunt then you really should check out their blog.

Finally for today we have had three one million XP winners so far – one a day so we are right on track – and multiple winners for the 100,000 bonus XP.

One thing which is confusing some people…don’t forget that your Kore4 and team bonuses are added on to the bonus XP you win for these special prizes so the 100,000 prize could easily be one million XP or more.

Bigfoot Badge Hunt million winners

The Bigfoot Badge Hunt has got its own unofficial blog already. Tom Wacker and Sunny Suggs are working on a new blog inspired by the hunt which begins on Monday.

It might be lacking in content right now and I am not sure what will actually be in it but this must be the first time a TimTech badge hunt has had its own blog.

BigFoot Badge Hunt unofficial blog

Hunters team leader Valentin Mavrodin has also been inspired by the badge hunt to design these splash pages to promote it.

One has a “live traffic feed” feature so you can see who has been looking at the page – nice touch.

Val's Bigfoot Badge Hunt splash page

Val's Bigfoot Badge Hunt splash page 1

Remember if you are promoting the badge hunt then let me know. The best way is to post what you are doing on Twitter using the hashtag #BigfootBadgeHunt


Lucky 13 Team logoI think we would all agree that CTP Teams is progressing quite nicely indeed. It is great to be part of a program where we can watch people grow and develop and see new leaders emerge.

It is also great to share the ups (and the downs) of the community and all help each other to become more successful.

CTP Teams also represents a great opportunity for other TE owners with the Daily Challenges which have proved to be immensely popular with…well everybody really.

But then again I would say that wouldn’t I? Well yes but these are not my words.  Step forward one Scott Wright from Lucky 13. Writing recently on the team’s blog, and every team really should have a blog by the way, he said:

“One of the biggest companies in the industry and arguably the most successful, has give an owner an opportunity to host a Daily Challenge with CTP Teams.  The cost, $50.. for the day, the benefit, more traffic than your site has seen in months. Imagine 52 teams, most with 25 members in them, surfing your site for the goal of reaching 1000 pages for the day….

“…hosting the daily challenge is not just about paying your $$ to TimTech and sitting back to watch the traffic come in, its about taking advantage of the opportunity to grow your business, your faceplate, and impress enough so that surfers will come back and surf your site even if they don’t have to get to 1000 pages to get some XP. “

It is a really good, well-reasoned and well thought-out article so I suggest, if you have not already done so, you check it out on the Lucky 13 blog.

Oh and while you are doing so you can find out why Scott specifically mentions Walter Mulder and Sunny Suggs.