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Tag: Sea Life Hits

Jon Olson promo video for Sea Life Hits

It is sad that very often in certain sections of the online community there are a lot of people who are all talk…and very little more than that.

It is easy to say you will do something, but often it is not easy to actually follow through.

Well when Jon announced in TELive recently that he would help promote owners who bought certain promo packages with TimTech he had every intention on following up on that offer.

Sig and Bradley at Sea Life Hits were quick to take up Jon’s offer and yesterday you may have seen the video he put together to coincide with them having the Daily Challenge yesterday. (In fact Sea Life Hits has the Daily Challenge every Thursday this month for all you advance planners out there.

Check out Jon’s video below and if you want to know how you could get Jon do do a video for your promo then send him an email.