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On Monday I wrote that it was abundantly clear that SurfAholics Alpha and Lucky 13 really enjoy being on CTP Teams. Put it this way, in order to be regularly in the top two spots with the amount of weekly points they amass, means they have to love what they are doing.

Now obviously I know that a lot of other teams really enjoy the experience too – no matter where they are in the overall league table – and their members get a lot out of the experience.

Friendships have developed, being in a team has helped people with their online business strategies and has also helped form business relationships.

CTP Teams has totally abolished the idea that people who set out in an online business have to do so alone…being part of this community means that you are never alone and never far away from the answer to a question that may be troubling you.

Scott Wright from Lucky 13 speculated recently on the team blog that the fact that the two top teams have more or less locked up the two top slots for so long may be offputting to others.

He wrote: “…we and the SAA’s seem to run away with the top 2 spots week after week and I am wondering if there are folks out there that are just getting tired or frustrated seeing the same two teams up there every week.  Has it become a chore?  Has it become something you dread trying to do?   I mean the daily challenge, the Submarine adventure, the Vaults and Keys..  daily tasks that earn you XP..  Well if it has become a chore, or a “job” then well.. let m just say this..  you are doing it wrong.

“…The MAIN component of CTP teams is… working as a team, communicating with each other, networking, become friends, learning how to use TE’s to your advantage, then promoting you program, and most of all, to have fun with your teammates and enjoy spending time talking and getting to know them as people…”

These are really interesting points indeed. If you think that CTP Teams is only about where you finish on the league table and not getting top spot puts you off, then you really are missing the point.

The huge nugget here is that the real amazing power of CTP Teams is what goes on behind the scenes and what will never be reflected by any league tables.

Just re-read some of the points Scott makes…working as a team…communicating…networking…developing friendships and having fun…these are the massive benefits of being on CTP Teams.

If you are ticking these boxes then it is never a chore, rather it is a way of life. Scott goes into a lot more detail on his blog and I strongly suggest you check it out, the link is below.

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Lucky 13 Team logoI think we would all agree that CTP Teams is progressing quite nicely indeed. It is great to be part of a program where we can watch people grow and develop and see new leaders emerge.

It is also great to share the ups (and the downs) of the community and all help each other to become more successful.

CTP Teams also represents a great opportunity for other TE owners with the Daily Challenges which have proved to be immensely popular with…well everybody really.

But then again I would say that wouldn’t I? Well yes but these are not my words.  Step forward one Scott Wright from Lucky 13. Writing recently on the team’s blog, and every team really should have a blog by the way, he said:

“One of the biggest companies in the industry and arguably the most successful, has give an owner an opportunity to host a Daily Challenge with CTP Teams.  The cost, $50.. for the day, the benefit, more traffic than your site has seen in months. Imagine 52 teams, most with 25 members in them, surfing your site for the goal of reaching 1000 pages for the day….

“…hosting the daily challenge is not just about paying your $$ to TimTech and sitting back to watch the traffic come in, its about taking advantage of the opportunity to grow your business, your faceplate, and impress enough so that surfers will come back and surf your site even if they don’t have to get to 1000 pages to get some XP. “

It is a really good, well-reasoned and well thought-out article so I suggest, if you have not already done so, you check it out on the Lucky 13 blog.

Oh and while you are doing so you can find out why Scott specifically mentions Walter Mulder and Sunny Suggs.