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Tag: Russell Stockley

It seems that everywhere you turn someone is doing something cool for this badge hunt.

Russell Stockley is even going to do two special badge-hunt themed shows so don’t miss them.

They are on each Wednesday of the hunt at 8pm Eastern and the shows will contain lots of trivia, questions, puzzles and riddles.

Russell said: “There will be Lots of prizes, I will be giving away XP and a Bills Badge or two.

“Bill’s Badge Hunt is an excellent way to brand yourself and your business and what better way to do this is to put yourself on Cam.”

For more details click on the screenshot below…the badge hunt is almost upon us.

Russell Stockley badge hunt show

Russell Stockley from the Cup of Traffic Division is highlighting the plight of the people in Nepal who have been affected by the recent devastating earthquake.

He has been donating a percentage of his sales to the appeal and is now offering 1,000 CTP XP for each dollar donated by CTP members.

More than 5,000 people have lost their lives and half a million more are without homes.

This is certainly a very worthwhile cause.

For further information about how you can take Russell up on his XP offer for donations then click on the image below.

Russell Stockley Nepal appeal XP offer for CTP members


Russell Stockley from the Cup of Traffic League has started a new program called XP Winners.

It is a new program based on XP and it looks very interesting indeed.

With XP Winners you can win XP just for playing a Prize Wheel so it is ideal for members of CTP and, of course, CTP Teams.

The site also has a login spotlight and banners in rotation but it is not a new traffic exchange. In fact there are free spins on the prize wheel up for grabs just for viewing the login spotlight.

Russell said: “If you are a team player at Click Track Profit then you know how important it is to be claiming as much XP as you possibly can so that you can get your team as high as possible in the Division that you are in.

“There is no better way of claiming CTP XP than to just play a game. XPWinners is a prize wheel, all you have to do is spin the wheel to win a prize.

“The wheel has CTP XP, credits (which are used for spinning and Banner impressions), banner impressions and square banner impressions plus cash prizes to be won.”

There is a jackpot on the wheel that increases every time someone spins the wheel without winning the jackpot and also a daily Happy Hour where there are bigger prizes placed on the wheel. (It might be a good idea to follow Russell on Twitter for updates such as when the Happy Hour is active.

Russell has also been offering credit prizes at his Fresh shows and will also do so at Cuppa Time. In addition he is currently offering four free spins to anybody that tweets:

“XP Winners is for Spinners and Grinners #xpwinners #ctpteams http://xpwinners.com”

There are both free and upgrade options available and upgraded members get bigger prizes.

It is always good when people do something new and this certainly looks like a cool new way to earn XP.


Russell Stockley CTP Team Indulge Yourself Leader on First Daily Fresh Spreecast

Indulge Yourself team leader Russell Stockley started getting Fresh this week and he plans to make it a regular thing.

Fresh is his new Spreecast show and it is great to see yet another member of the CTP community come out and get on camera with regular free content in the spirit of openness and sharing.

It also looks like Russell has put a lot of thought and effort into his shows, which take place four days a week, and each daily program has its own theme:

Monday – Marketing

Tuesday – Branding

Wednesday – Design

Friday – Lists

There are lots of cool features including one where you can win a prize by answering a question which was asked on the previous day’s show.

Fresh from Russell Stockley

With prizes every day, special guests and the chance to share and get involved, this really has the makings of something really special.

There is still room for more people to follow Russell’s lead. What are YOU waiting for?

Indulge Yourself logo CTP TeamsIt is time to look at another one of the smaller teams and today we look at Team Indulge Yourself.

This team was mentioned during a recent Sweeva Surf Party (the one before last actually) and I commented that I didn’t remember ever writing about them so I have decided to put that right.

The team is led by Russell Stockley – who is also well known for his weekly game show ‘Cuppa Time’ which you should all check out if you have not done so already. Also check out his blog Russell’s Ramblings which is well worth a regular read.

So as I write this, the team are in 14th place in the Competitive League and have 13 of a possible 15 members. Their team motto says they like to have “…fantastic, frivolous fun” which is obviously a good thing.

So here are seven facts you may not have known about the team:

  1. Indulge Yourself was formed on the first day that CTP teams became live
  2. It is made up of a mixture of CTP members and has consistently stayed in the Top 20 and in the first week it did make the Top 10.
  3. The main philosophy of Indulge Yourself is to have fun while also receiving benefits for being part of a much wider community.
  4. Members of Indulge Yourself have approached to join because they want to have fun ad not be pressured by other team members to be super active every day.
  5. Sometimes ┬ásome members don’t have time to be surfing everyday or maxing out the amount of points that they can get. So every now and then it is good to Indulge Yourself and take part in a group activity.
  6. Indulge yourself has won reward points every month which is shared amongst all the group members.
  7. Indulge Yourself Blog is at http://indulgeyourself-ctp.russellstockley.com/ which was created not long after the team was created.