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As I was thinking about what I wanted to write about, I was thinking about some of the issues or problems people in this community have the most difficulty with.  One of these is the need for new members, new sign-ups.  This is something we as affiliates deal with as we try to grow our networks, as well as the program owners.  There are many things we can do to help us in our quest.  However….

there is one issue that I have come across before, but just recently realized how prevalent the issue is.  As I am working on updating the information on my blog and going through the many, many programs I am a part of, I want to start more actively promoting the programs to add to my income and help in my recommendations.  There is one MISSING piece of information on over 80% of the traffic exchanges.  That is….How much will I make when I refer a new member, when they upgrade, etc.  This is fundamental information needed if you are going to spend time, energy and money to promote a program and treat this as  REAL Business.

I’m a numbers person. I come from a banking/financial background so when I consider adding a product/service, etc to my product line, I want to predict the potential ROI (return on investment). I would never choose to promote a product, without the information clearly spelled out about price, commission, how and when you get paid, etc.  Unfortunately, after looking at FAQ’s or the Affiliate Toolboxes for almost every traffic exchange I am a member of , that information is totally missing.  You are provided an affiliate link, maybe some pre-written letters, splash pages and a wealth of other information, but NOT what you get as a result of getting referrals for them.

I would love to promote my favorite programs much more.  In my opinion, simply adding a short description of how to earn commissions, etc would increase the volume of promotion substantially, while at the same time reducing the time for support to have to answer these questions one on one. So PLEASE , my request to program owners, would you add this information to your sites?

My goal this year, is to continue to enjoy growing my business and so I want to make informed decisions, not spin my wheels just hoping that something will happen.  As they say, if you fail to plan…..you plan to fail!  What do you think?

Carla Frey

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