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If you have been to TELive recently then you might have heard Jon talk about one or more the following four subjects:

– listbuilding

– building a list

– building a list of subscribers

– adding subscribers to your list.

Actually they are all the same thing but you will have worked that out already.

Yesterday Jon had a bit of a mini rant about the lack of listbuilding going on in the industry right now.

Just look at any traffic exchange and you will see splash page after splash page but not so many lead capture pages.

People have got out of the habit of building lists and if you are in that category then it will hit your bottom line.

When you show a splash page then you have one shot of making a sale.

The person looking at your page needs to do the following things:

– notice your offer

– decide they want to take advantage of your offer

– be prepared to buy from you on the spot

So you have to catch the person at exactly the right time if you are going to get a conversion from your offer.

Now let’s look at a lead capture page and here is what needs to happen for you to get a result.

The person looking at your page needs to:

– notice your offer

– be sufficiently interested to give you their name and email address

Here are two massive, and I mean massive, advantages of this approach.

Firstly you don’t have to catch people when they are at the point of making a buying decision.

Secondly by getting people to sign up to your mailing list you now have the opportunity to

(i) build up a lasting relationship with your subscribers

(ii) market to these subscribers on a regular basis so that you can potentially make multiple sales from individuals over an extended period of time.

I am sure Jon will return and expand on this topic over the weeks and months ahead but, for now, the key message is that you really need to be building your lists and a cost-effective, easy-to-use and traffic exchange friendly system like Rocket Responder is an obvious choice of tool to do so.

RR referral contest bannerThe crown never fit comfortably on the head of Jon ‘King of the Safelists’ Olson.

Being voted the most outstanding user of safelists in the history of online advertising, or something like that, in Andrew Stark’s survey was a move which caused a certain amount of controversy.

Some laughed, others were outraged, many took to social media sites to vent their anger and it is suspected that others simply fainted on the spot upon hearing the news.

Immediately before stepping down as King of the Safelists Jon passed one final decree from his diamond-encrusted throne.

Banging his regal sceptre three times on the ground to summon the TimTech Writer Of Official Words to the royal court he dictated the following message:

“Hear ye, Hear ye.

“Be it known that in my last act as King of the Safelists, Viscount of the Viral Mailers and Master of all other related platforms, I Olson of Jon make the following proclamation.

“I hereby make available a bounty of $250 in return for more information about the workings of Safelists for the advertising of the most powerful of tools called Rocket Responder.

“Betwixt now and 11.59.59pm Eastern on Sunday March 1, I will hold a contest where the aforementioned Rocket Responder shall be promoted in safelists, viral mailers and associated platforms and the prize will be awarded to he or she who brings in the most new people.”

He then signed the Royal Decree to make it official and then removed his crown to signal the end to his reign as King of Safelists.

Click on the banner to find the full details from Jon’s blog and you can check out the leaderboard right here.


So Tim did something really cool yesterday. He made it so that if you are logged into Rocket Responder and CTP then you can now automatically get XP just for reading emails.

Just to be totally clear, you don’t get XP for reading any old emails…they have to be emails sent from RocketResponder accounts.

To make it work, simply do this…

  1. Log into CTP and RocketResponder
  2. Click on the big “Earn Points for your Team” button on the CTP Dashboard page
  3. Select “Read Emails” from the dropdown menu. (Doing the above steps will take you here.)
  4. Click on the link that says “enter your username” and enter your CTP username, in the box then hit “save changes”
  5. You’re good to go.

Entering CTP username in RR for email XP

OK so now do you want to know something else really cool that Tim did?

Well you will have noticed that the page you landed on when you selected “Read Emails” contained a list of ten RocketResponder lists.

This is good for two reasons:

  1. It gives you ideas for lists to subscribe to so that you can get XP for reading the emails you will receive from the people whose lists you sign up to.
  2. Imagine if yours was among that list of ten…then you would be automatically buiding your list with subscribers who now want to read your emails. Cool or what?

Building your RR list with CTP XP promo

So how you get on that list…well it costs just 10 CTP tokens to be in the pool of potential lists shown on that page. Just fill out your list name and the list parmalink and hit “Add List!” and you are in for only ten CTP tokens.

Ten lists are shown at any given time and when a CTP member subscribes to a list then a new list from the pool appears for them to select.

List building really doesn’t get any easier than this. I am sure you will agree these are two awesome features and members are already reporting that they have dozens of new signups already by being on this page.