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Tag: Rewards Points


We have already given away some amazing deals on Black Friday 2014 and there are many more to come for the rest of today and tomorrow.

But right now we want to add a little extra awesome sauce on top of the already brilliant offers. From now on every purchase comes with Triple Rewards Points.

So for whatever you buy for the rest of today and for every hour tomorrow the Rewards Points have been tripled…and you can thank the mild weather for this extra bonus.

The unusually warm weather today has allowed Justin to get his Christmas lights up on the outside of his house much quicker than he planned and this has put him in a good mood.

So he announced “Triple points all round” and TimTech’s magic elves pressed the buttons to make it happen.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a Black Friday 2014 bargain while you can and pick up Triple Rewards Points as an extra thank you from allĀ  of us here at TimTech.