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CTP team Renegades are mourning the loss of one of their most loyal members following the death of much loved team member Agatha Reynecke.

Agatha loved CTP teams, the wider traffic exchange community and the companionship she had found with her Renegades team mates.

She had recently moved to Success Seekers to help former Renegade Janice Campbell establish her new team.

Renegades team leader David McKay said: “Agatha will be very much missed by all who knew her.

“She was a passionate member of the community who loved Renegades and Success Seekers. She was proud in what she was doing for Success Seekers and how the team was growing and proud in her heritage with Renegades.

“This is a great loss for both teams and for the wider traffic exchange community.”

David paid tribute to her on the Renegades team blog saying: “Agatha was warm and sensitive, intelligent and inquisitive, with a great sense of humour.

“She never complained or moaned, she just got on with it and didn’t let anything bother her.”

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CTP XP Megasurf explosion

Thomas Sheets from Renegades has come up with a rather interesting promotion.

It is called the CTP XP Mega XPlosion where 5,000,000 XP Up For Grabs plus one million XP as a grand prize.

There are ten traffic exchanges taking part in the contest which will reward today’s top surfers.

The Object: Win All The XP You Can!
The Rules: Surf All The 10 TE’s(min 100 pgs ea.) to qualify for the Top 10
To Qualify for the Grand Prize You Must be in the Top 10 at All Exchanges!

This sounds really fun. If you are not taking part in this already then there is still time…so get clicking.

On Friday Jon decided to being the Sweeva Surf Party back and it was a huge success.

Sadly I missed it as I had to leave my computer to fend for itself in a dark and unheated room while I went and interacted with people offline.

Now I must be old fashioned, perhaps horribly old-fashioned but on those rare occasions when I socialize with others then I actually talk to them.

However it is really fascinating, at least to me, to observe those who have grown up with hand-held digital communication as the norm.

Many of this generation seem less comfortable interacting with those around them but will spend all their time interacting with their friends online via various social apps on their smartphones.

Anyway what has that got to do with the Sweeva Surf Party? Well absolutely nothing at all as it happens. But if you have been paying attention you will recall that I said I missed the Surf Party so I have to talk about something on this post!

Sweeva Surf Party news is that it looks like this will be a monthly event, on Thursdays rather than Fridays, with the next one taking place on Thursday March 12 at 4pm Eastern.

So hopefully that sounds like a good plan for everybody and I will do my best to turn up for the next one.

But before I go there is only time to honor the stand-out page of Friday’s Surf Party…step forward Norbert Ladner from Renegades with this awesome contribution:

Norbert Ladner Renegades Vitamines splash page for SSP

Well done sir.

It is not often that a member of CTP Teams gives away one million XP to a single person. In fact I can’t think whether it has ever happened before.

However David McKay, leader of Renegades (which is currently in fourth place in the Premier League), is doing exactly that.

The massive XP giveaway, which also comes with $40 and 25,000 StartXchange credits, is the first prize in his latest Prize Clickers contest which is currently ongoing and runs until February 8.

David said he kept the contest as easy as possible: “Just join a site or sites, surf 250 and you get a ticket. At the end of the contest, I put all the tickets into a bowl and pick the winners. Easy.”

He is also giving away a lot of other cool stuff, including more chances to win XP and cash prizes. In fact he will give away more than 2 million XP during the contest.

He also has four new badges to be given to Prize Clicking members – one for the contest winner – and the three others which will be given out after the contest ends.

This is yet another example of a CTP Teams player really understanding how leverage the resources that are out there to provide a fun and exciting contest while growing their business at the same time.

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Prize Clickers Jan/Feb contest splash page

It is nice with two rival teams bond so well with each other. I have been looking closely at Lucky 13 and Uber Surfers both yesterday and today and one thing really stands out…how close these two teams really are to each other.

Like a couple on the floor of an old fashioned dance hall, where one goes the other follows.

These screenshots taken yesterday and today should demonstrate what I mean.

Uber Surfers and Lucky 13 neck and neck in CTP Teams Uber Surfers and Lucky 13 neck and neck in CTP Teams s2 w2 Uber Surfers and Lucky 13 neck and neck in CTP Teams s2 w2 Uber Surfers and Lucky 13 neck and neck in CTP Teams s2 w2 Uber Surfers and Lucky 13 neck and neck in CTP Teams s2 w2

The last shot is particularly striking…when that was taken virtually nothing separated the two teams at all…it must have been quite painful then with all that stepping on each other’s toes!

And talking of close…another two teams were getting very close earlier on this morning…step forward Renegades and Dream Team.

Little to separate Renegades and Dream Team in CTP Teams S2 W2 battle