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TimTech daily challenge schedule

It is now easier than ever to purchase a TimTech Daily Challenge – one of our most popular promotions for traffic exchange owners.

It works like this:

  1. Go to this page: Daily Challenge Schedule
  2. Select the date(s) you want
  3. You’re all done.
  4. Note that you will need to have tiered surf badges on your site to take part in the Daily Challenges as they work by encouraging CTP Teams members to collect your tiered surf badges.

We show a month of daily challenges at a time so that you can plan in advance.

If the dates have been taken then the schedule will show which traffic exchange has the daily challenge for that day.

If the date is free then it will tell you that the Daily Challenge is available for purchase.

This promotion is so popular that every single date has been snapped up already so you will have to be really quick off the mark to bag your spot.

If you are a traffic exchange owner and you want to know more about Daily Challenges or any other TimTech promotion for that matter then contact support for more information.


Sometimes in life the answer to a slightly confusing splash page can be found…in another splash page.

Actually it is a very good marketing trick that has been tried and tested and works very well.

1. Say something to capture people’s attention.

2. Ensure that the ‘something’ you say really does capture attention and leaves your audience a little confused.

3. After a suitable time (and maybe after more than one teaser page) reveal what was going on and what you would like people to do.

Also remember that we are not necessarily talking about Mensa-level puzzles here (although I can see that working if done right).

This was Tom’s original page:

Tom Wacker Getting Bombed video splash page

It would not take a huge amount of brain power to work out that he was promoting the CTP Sub Game for this coming Friday.

But here’s the thing. Saying “I’m getting bombed on Friday the 13th!” and including a video almost compels you to want to find our more.

It also means that you will subconsciously connect that date with the thought that “Tom is doing something on this date.”

So what is going on.

Well it turns out that is more than just Tom…it is a Lucky 13 thing.

It would appear that four of the traffic exchanges associated with the Lucky 13 team have all got together to host the Sub Game this coming Friday.

This strikes me as a very good idea indeed. Creative, original and fun. I like it.

P.S. Right at the start of this blog post I said that sometimes the answer to a slightly confusing splash page can be found in another splash page…well the ‘reveal’ to Tom’s original page is shown below.

Lucky 13 TE owners have the bomb splash page

We told recently how Carl Davies was giving away books and XP on a monthly basis as part of a long-term promotion.

The first winner is Stephen Whittle who picks up 100,000 XP and will get the John C Maxwell book “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth: Live Them and Reach Your Potential.” Good choice. Well done Stephen.

TimTech Keeper of the Vault Brenda Broyles has just one date open this month so she has made this cool page to advertise it.

I am not sure if the date will still be open by the time you see this, but it is a really cool page so well worth a look.

Vault and Key splash page Screenshot 2014-07-16 13.11.06

Now¬† that CTP Teams has been going for a while some of the teams are building up a nice collection of winner’s badges…here are some of them…

CTP Teams winners badges CTP Teams winners badges CTP Teams winners badges

And finally…you know that team rap…”We are The Strays…we are awesome?” I just can’t get it out of my head at all.
Does it have that effect on anyone else?