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Tag:  promoting traffic exchanges

Tag: promoting traffic exchanges

That question was recently asked to Tim on his blog and it is something which comes up very frequently indeed.

This is part of his answer to that question. I put it here because I think it is of importance to everyone on CTP Teams. We really do have a really awesome community here and you should all be very proud of yourselves.

But back to Tim…this is what he said:

“We’ve built a really awesome community at ClickTrackProfit, and it’s a really active community. With CTP Teams, all the training steps, and of course the badges, anyone and everyone has fun with traffic exchanges and CTP.

“So if you’re on the outside looking in..  Jump in! Often times we’ll talk to new owners and they’ll think they aren’t big enough or we don’t know them enough or that there is some reason we won’t let them in. But it’s actually the opposite, we love getting new traffic exchanges and new owners in on the fun 😉

“There are a few ways you can do this, so the best thing is to talk to Brenda. She is our point person for owners to go to and plan how they want to integrate into CTP. And really the sky is the limit, or at least your imagination.

“We can help you launch your exchange, we can help you promote your exchange, we can help you figure out ways to make it better. The best part about having CTP is the people really are the best in the industry and they give us valuable feedback all the time.”

Click on the screenshot below to read Jon’s full blog post.

Tim Linden blogging about Traffic Exchanges