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The top three teams at the end of Season Two will share a $2,500 prize pool, Jon Olson announced yesterday in TELive.

The prizes will be broken down as follows…

First place – $1,750

Second place – $500

Third place – $250

This is a huge increase over Season One where the prize fund worked out at $142 for each of the 35 weeks of competition. In contrast the current prize pool is $250 a week this season – an increase of more than 75%.

The prizes will be awarded to the team leaders and it will be up to them how it is distributed within their teams.

For Season Three we plan to shake things up a bit in order to make the contest more exciting for all teams – no matter where their position is within CTP Teams.

In order to make the necessary changes there will be another break between seasons – at least one week and possibly two – but we will keep let you know for sure as soon as the dates are finalized.

We have big plans for Season Three and it is fair to say that we will be changing things up quite a bit and we feel sure that you will like the new format.

Jon and I gave some hints in TELive yesterday about some of the changes, and in case you were not there, then this is a recap:

+ Season Three will be longer than Season Two (but shorter than Season One)

+ There will be an integral ‘pre-season’ element at the beginning – the pre-season phase of the contest will be a very important part of Season Three

+ The aim is to announce the structure of the season in advance and then not make any changes for the entire season. We do reserve the right to make changes for operational reasons but will endeavor not to do so unless strictly necessary.

That is about as much as I can say for now…but rest assured, I will be telling all very soon indeed.

Enjoy the rest of Season Two. Tom Wacker predicted a win for SurfAholics Alpha on his show yesterday and he could well be right. However there is virtually nothing at all separating Alphas from Walter Mulder’s Uber Surfers so the winner will be which of the two teams has the better strategy in these final two weeks.

Both teams are easily capable of winning and both are made up of strong, dedicated and resourceful players so it will be an epic battle of two very deserving CTP Teams giants.

I will make one prediction though…Lucky 13 will finish the season in third place.

After yesterday’s marathon $5,000 prize giveaway, you could be forgiven for thinking that we might stop giving things away for a while at least.

But no…there is time to squeeze one last prize from TimTech in the coming days. Officially this is a rest week between the end of Season One and the beginning of Season Two which begins in a week’s time.

So if you want to take a break and just relax for a week then that is totally fine and nobody will think bad of you for it.

However if you want to continue earning team points, and by the looks of things, lots of people are doing so, then we have a random prize to give away.

One lucky Premier League member of CTP Teams will be awarded a random prize of $25 just for competing in CTP teams this week.

We know who you are. Well we know who is surfing and completing challenges and earning team points but we don’t know who is going to win yet…but it could be you.

The prize is an individual prize. Whoever gets it gets to keep it. Well after rewarding the teams yesterday we thought it was only fair that an individual member gets a little something for themselves also.


CTP Teams has been a massive success and it is only going to get even better in 2015 as we build on the successes of 2014.

Today we can reveal that the first season for CTP Teams will end on Sunday December 28 at 11.59.59pm Eastern and there will be a massive prize pot of $5,000 cash for the winners.

Here is how it will work:

The first placed team will get $3,000

The second placed team will get $1,500 and

The third placed team will get $500

The prize will go to the team leaders who will decide how the prizes are to be split up between members.

We know how hard people have worked day in and day out since CTP Teams started and we wanted to reward this in a really massive way and prizes don’t get much bigger than this.

In addition every member who finishes in the Premier League when the first season ends on December 28 will get listed in the new TimTech CTP Teams Hall of Fame and get a lifetime Premier League Season One Hall of Fame Tag for your CTP profile page.

CTP Teams premier-league season badge

So at the end of December you will really want to ensure that your team is in the Premier League – it should make for a really exciting end to the year.

Also we want to announce yet another twist to make December an extra special month…for the whole of December the weekly points – which go towards determining the end of year position – will be tripled. So the last placed team will get three points, the second last, six points, the third last nine points and so on.

Coming up: We also have lots of exciting new plans for 2015 on CTP Teams…watch out for the next post which explains how that will work.