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Hey.  Is that music I hear?  I believe I can hear the Rolling Stones with Sympathy for the Devil.  How could that possibly get into the Plus 1 Badge Hunt Update?  It’s a mystery.

This is clearly a different sort of badge hunt.  Maybe it’s people in the Plus 1 mode, maybe it is the different prize structure, but things are clearly different this time around.

I’m going to talk some numbers.

The number of players that are going to cash in on this hunt.  75  It’s an impressive list, and a lot of room left for anyone to get to the top 75.  

11,246 badges delivered and if my math is correct we are at the start of day 9.  Way over 1000 badges per day, which is always the hallmark of a successful badge hunt.

It seems that Douglas Rohrig has the top three badges awarded so far this contest, led by badge #108 that he’s given out 336 times.  And to make it even better, it has a numbers clue.  Prime numbers, even.

180 total badges to be given this time around.  The total is smaller than we have seen in past hunts, but more players seem to indicate more badges awarded.  Who would have thought?

Zero.  The number of badges given by the people that haven’t posted their clues yet.  What’s up with that?  Cumon, Man!

One.  Me.   I am honored to be able to write this update post.  Thanks to Patrick and the masters at Tim Tech for letting me play.

I’m just sayin’


It is shaping up to be an extremely busy week indeed.

Skype does not seem to be working so I can’t talk to anyone so I feel a little out of the loop right now.

But this is what I do know…

It is a Plus 1 Monday which means there is great content over on the Plus 1 Daily blog so do take time to check that out.

One of the things you will find there (and here too if you don’t fancy a quick trip across cyberspace) is the Plus 1 weekly podcast.

This week I stand in for Justin and I talk to Jon about something we have discussed quite a lot in the past…the issue of why so many people don’t stay the course.

We offer some ideas why so many people quit before giving themselves a real chance of success and suggest some ways that people might overcome the obstacles that they have do deal with. The link to the podcast is below.

Jon has a great tip for list builders who want to take advantage of the Plus 1 badge hunt…he explains how easy it is to integrate your badge hunt badge with RocketResponder so you can start building your list right from the giveaway.

Check it out here: Huge News For The Plus 1 Badge Hunt

The Badge Hunt itself starts on Wednesday so ensure that you are ready for it.

Ensure that you have enough badges, there is still time to get yours, and that you know what you are going to ask people to do to claim them from you.

Every time we have a badge hunt people are disappointed because when we close the doors to new orders they are closed…so don’t delay in taking part.

Tomorrow is also the first Content Tuesday for List Viral when we add four brand new list building packages into the mix.

These contain squeeze pages, a subscriber giveaway and follow up email series which have never been seen before…all specially chosen to give you the best possible start for your listbuilding efforts.

I told you it was going to be a busy week!

For the rest of the world it is Monday…but for those in the know then it is Plus 1 Monday with a special podcast from Justin and Jon

podcast with jon and justinThe first podcast had an amazing response with more than 1,200 plays in its first week – in fact it is still getting new hits every day – and now we have the second podcast in this new series.

Some of the comments on the first episode include:

Sergio Felix – “Great first podcast show guys!

Shelayne Fico – “What a way to start my week. Thank you Justin and Jon! So inspiring, motivating and thought provoking.”

Winter Perkins – “Great job guys, seriously looking forward to the next podcast!”

In this episode Justin and Jon talk about small wins and how a series of little success in business add up over time and make a real difference.

Jon said showing up and getting stuff done was a win in itself, especially in an industry where it is so easy to give up and quit.

Justin said that the little wins were important because it helped people get through the tough times of being in business.

They also give tips on how they manage their own business, deal with setbacks, failures and how they measure success.