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It is always good when something that is done within the community acts as a catalyst for others to take action.

Plus One Success is proving to be a great example of that. People are using the platform in order to actually do something…which is what it is all about.

The latest example is Nick Grimshawe who has launched a Plus One Blog Carnival.

The idea is that it will act as a home for many and varied blog articles, from different people, all related to their  Plus One experiences.

The Carnival page works will include links to the original poster’s blog and there is scope for competitions and prizes along the way.

It is all due to go live on August 12 and if you are interested then you can get your blog post submissions in now.

For all the details about how it works then check out Nick’s blog: Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Read All About It: Plus One Blog Carnival.

You may have noticed that people tend to like talking about other people.

Stuff like “You will never guess what “x” or “y” has done?” are common topics of conversation the world over.

Well it could be your turn to get yourself talked about…but you will need to act fast.

Actually this is an opportunity to cash in on two related events…your ability to seize an unexpected opportunity and the willingness of others to have exactly the same chance and let it pass.

Now normally when you see the words ‘make money,’ ‘act fast,’ and ‘opportiunity’ in the same sentence it should at least make you a little wary.

But this is different.

Let’s just say it is an unexpected bonus at the end of Customer Appreciation Week which could really benefit you.

So here goes…

The July contest for Plus 1 Success is nearly over and you might think that if you have not entered it by now then you have missed the boat.

But I have just looked at the leaderboard and this is far from true.

Take a look for yourselves…

Plus 1 Success leaderboard

This means that if you promote Plus 1 Success from now until the end of the contest and make three sales…then (as of now) you are in the prize winning zone.

So if you have not entered the contest and had thought it was too late, then now is a great time to sneak in and steal a prize.

You might even win. Now that really would set tongues wagging.

Jon Olson's Plus One Success
It is another Monday and not only is it Week 15 in the current season of CTP Teams but it is the week that YOU could crush it in the Plus1 Success referral contest.

The contest is already underway and will run for two weeks with $300 of prizes up for grabs:

– $175 for the winner

– $75 for the runner up and

– $50 for third place.

All you have do is refer members to +1 Success contest and for every member you refer, you will get a point when they rebrand their copy of the ebook.

At the end of the contest then the three people with the most points will share the $300 prize pot.

This is something which any one of you could win and should be a huge incentive for you to build your downline in this great new product from TimTech – the first new program in two years.

Just log into +1 Success today and click on ‘July Contest‘ for all the details and to see the current leaderboard.

At the time of writing this post the top ten leaderboard looks like this:

Plus 1 Success Referral Contest Leaderboard

The contest runs from Saturday the 11th of July to midnight Eastern July 26th so there is still plenty of time to get started and even to win one of the cash prizes up for grabs.

Why not make getting onto this leaderboard one of your challenges for the week ahead?

Jon Olson's Plus One Success

This is something Jon has wanted to do for a very long time.

In fact I have lost count of the number of times, over the years, that Jon has said: “Let’s start a book club.”

Jon is obsessed with books. He can’t walk past a book store without stepping inside and he can’t step inside without buying a book, or several books.

He has been giving away books on TELive as long as he has been hosting TELive but finally he has not got the TimTech book club he wanted so much.

The book club is a stand alone section within Plus 1 Success and while it is open to any member to join, there is no requirement to do so.

It is actually one of the upgrades to the program. The first upgrade to evergreen level is something I would recommend to everyone who joins Plus 1 Success. It has a  small one off fee and then that is that.

The Book Nerds upgrade is going to be a lot more exclusive.

For a start there is a montly fee and also this is for people who love books and who are going to actually read the Book Nerds books.

Here is how it works:

The Book Nerds

Book Nerds members will receive a brand new business/marketing/personal development book each and every month.

This is not an e-book, but a regular book which will be posted out to your home address on a monthly basis.

These are the types of books that Jon himself reads and now, for the first time ever, you get to read along with him at the same time.

Here’s the really good part though. Book Nerds members will be invited to join an exclusive, members only, Skype group which will be hosted by Jon snd which will meet weekly.

These meetings are your chance to rub shoulders and shake hands with the TOP action takers in the industry and where you can discuss the strategies and lessons which flow from that month’s book.

This really will be an exclusive club and one where getting Jon’s private and personal insights will be worth the monthly fee alone.

As an added and totally exclusive bonus for Book Nerds members, there is an opportunity to earn up to 100% commissions on all rebrand sales of the ebook +1 Success.

If you love books and personal development then Book Nerds is well worth considering.


Plus 1 Success XP offerYou may, just possibly, have heard the expression: “It’s not fair!”

There are many things in life which are not fair but the most egregious of those is that it is so hard to compete with TimTech.

Right now our new product – Plus 1 Success – is on fire and has an amazing upgrade factor so there is a lot of opportunity to make money from this investment.

Of course why should anyone join under you  because surely TimTech will give away tons of XP for people signing up under them?

TimTech is certainly pushing Plus 1 Success hard and is giving away more XP for this launch than it has ever given away before for anything.

Simply for joining – collect one million XP

Join and rebrand the Plus 1 Success e-book – collect five million XP

Join the optional book club – collect 10 million XP.

If only you could compete by offering bonuses like that then it would not be so unfair.

Well you can.

Here’s how it works.

Promote Plus 1 Success and offer the exact same bonuses as TimTech (the ones described above) for people joining your downline.

For every person you sign up then TimTech will cover the XP for you and take care of giving it out.

You get the ability to leverage the power of XP without having to do any of the work.

That is an offer we have NEVER made before so take full advantage of it while it lasts.

All your downline has to do to claim their XP is to send in a support ticket with their ctp username  to support@clicktrackprofit.com once they have joined under you. That’s it.

Now start promoting because if you miss out on an opportunity like this then that really would be unfair.