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The OutKasts CTP Team LogoWe were bad.

Without a doubt we were the worst team in the entire history of CTP Teams and now we are no more.

OutKasts have officially and unceremoniously been cast out from the contest. Broken up, disbanded and never to return.

We were The Team That Could Never Win and that was the problem really.

In fact we were so bad that when Bill was drawing up how to display teams for Season Three, he decided that the OutKasts would not show up at all.

We were still there, kind of, but it was almost impossible to find us.

Jon summed it up well in TELive yesterday when he said: “It’s really hard to compete against nobody,” and that is exactly what we were doing in OutKasts.

The spirit of the team was not to win…so we didn’t win anything.

The spirit of the team was not to compete…so we didn’t compete.

The spirit of the team was not to make waves…so we didn’t make waves.

We were a nothing team and now we are no more.

So what now for the OutKasts…? Well if you attended TELive yesterday you will already know…if not then you will find out in the next CTP Teams blog post.


OutKasts in 16th place in CTP Teams

Well there are just a few hours left in this week’s competition and I thought I would check whether anyone is actually paying attention.

Yes I know the OutKasts are not going to win this week (or any other week for that matter) but a big push now could make some sort of difference.

Also for those of you who pay attention to the teams, you may have noticed that Wake Up Now is no longer. Well that is not strictly true, the team is still around and the team members are still the same but it has a new name. Wake Up Now is now known as Living Wealthy.

BadSurfers continue to do very well, currently in 8th place which is a leap of 14 places from the week before. There is now just one opening on this team, so if you are good enough to be bad then get in touch with team leader Shane.

Bad Surfers will be one of the three teams moving up to the Premier League next week with The Strays and WealthBuilders both poised to join them.

There seems little doubt that Ultimate Surf Warriors and Adkreator will move down a league and currently Dream Team‘s position is also looking a bit vulnerable too.

No change at all in the top three this week and I suspect the week will end in exactly the same way as it is now. Tune in next week for more news, gossip and scandal from the world of CTP Teams.


For a team that can never win, we are winning…if that makes any sense.

A couple of days ago we were not even here at all and now…now the mighty OutKasts are 13th place overall in CTP Teams.

OutKasts now in 13th place in CTP Teams

How amazing is that?

Soon we will be number one. Watch out Alphas, Ubers and Lucky 13 – we are coming to get you and we will not let anything stop us.

We don’t even have Larry on our team yet.

Imagine what we will be like when this legendary power surfer comes on board, if he ever comes on board.

Anyway I thought I would just bring the trash talk element of CTP Teams back for a moment or two.

The real point of this is that if we can go from nowhere to 13th place like this then any team can.

Go OutKasts go.