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Tag: Ostrich Effect

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Justin’s Indiegogo campaign for his Ostrich Effect book closes in a little under two days time…43 hours and counting at the time of writing this blog post.

This means you are running out of time to secure yourself one of the first signed copies of this new book which contains powerful insights into Justin’s entrepreneur mindset.

It is this mindset that has shaped his business ventures over the years and which will continue to serve him well into the future.

Now you can share that knowledge…or you could continue to bury your head in the sand like the proverbial ostrich.

Maybe you are not the ostrich but you know someone who is and you are looking for a way to get through to them…well this could be an ideal opportunity to give them a nudge in the right direction.

By the way people have been asking about Justin’s offer of a chance to stay at his home for an entire weekend and to have a special bbq held in your honor.

People want to know if it was a joke or if he was being serious.

The answer is…both actually. The ‘awesome sauce bbq’ at Justin’s house was meant to make people smile but, being an entrepreneur, he is more than happy to take anyone up on the offer.

It is not every day that a book comes along which could change your life…this book has the potential to do just that. It could transform the way you look at running your business.


ostrich effect

Let’s face it, we all have an inner ostrich.

Sometimes there are issues in our lives where we just decide to bury our heads in the sand and pretend they don’t exist.

If you do this in business you are seriously hampering your chances of success or even killing off any chance of success altogether.

Anyone who knows TimTech’s Justin Ledvina will know that he knows a fair amount about business and about being successful in business.

From time to time he has shared some of his secrets of success in the weekly T3 webcast sessions but stopped doing them in order to concentrate on his own business.

Now is is putting the finishing touches on a new book where he reveals 40 things that everyone who is serious about setting up in business needs to know.

This book is hard-hitting, full of useful information and is not for the faint-hearted.

However if you want advice that will help you succeed as an online (or offline) entrepreneur, then this is for you.

The book is called Ostrich Effect and currently features on an indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

You can reserve an online copy for $10, a physical signed print edition for $25 or be the guest of honor at a bbq at Justin’s home your honor where you get to hang out with Justin for an entire weekend for $1,000.

That last one is not a joke by the way…in fact it is one of the most unusual perks ever to have been offered for an Indiegogo campaign.

Check it out for yourself right now: Ostrich Effect…the details.