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You can also find this post on my blog Scott Rohn’s Thoughts. It also being posted here because its an important topic. And also just because I want to Ta Dah

You know its been said that design is a very important part of your business in the online business world. The design of your website, Your logo, banners, squeeze pages, some folks call them capture pages, landing pages, splash pages, Anything visual that represents you and your business. Then of course we’re told we should make our own stuff don’t use the stuff in the affiaite area with that I agree. But now what well you can use Adkreator to make your ads. They’ll be unique to you but the question is are they good enough? Its at this point you should be saying to yourself ” I want to stand out from everyone else but the stuff I make sucks should I follow the herd and just use the pages in the affiliate area or should I spend money and get somebody who is good at design?”

Myself I make pretty good splash and squeeze pages but banners not so much. I made banners for this blog the 468 x 60 and the 125 x 125 didn’t really like the way they looked so I went to Norbert Ladner who owns Unique Splash and put in an order for banners for this blog. 3 banners with the same design but in different sizes: 468 x 60, 728 x 90, 125 x 125. Two of them are done so far the 468 X 60 and the 125 X 125 and they are already in rotation. I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with the 728 x 90 maybe I’ll hang that on my wall. Anyone who went to the Sweeva Surf Parties last year will know why I went to Norbert the stuff he makes is freakin awesome. If you don’t know who Norbert Ladner is or you haven’t seen his work Go to Unigue Splash and check out his work. I think you will agree its Awesome!


I was talking to Norbert and I let him know that I would probably be coming to him for a logo design in the very near future for My blog. Of course you’ll see that on my blog when its done. While we were talking he told me that eventually he is going to be making squeeze pages. So you can bet when he does I’ll be inline for a couple. So if your serious about your business and you want to stand out from everyone else but what you make using adkreator or whatever you use sucks. I highly recommend you open your wallets and hire a designer. The designer I suggest is Norbert Ladner owner of Unigue Splash. Now here are the two banners he did for me

ScottRohnBanner468x60 ScottRohnBanner125x125


Sometimes we are all so busy online that we fail to take even a moment or two out of your busy days to help others.

A huge example of how terribly wrong that approach can be was given by Jon Olson in TELive yesterday.

Jon was surfing some of the TimTech traffic exchanges when he noticed that a new member (we bring in lots of new members each and every day) asking for help in chat.

The briefest of exchanges took place with an old hand in the TE industry before the newcomer was brushed aside with the comment: “If you need to know any more then contact support.”

This is what happened next…

1. The newcomer stopped chatting and presumably went off to do their own research to find the answers they needed.

2. Over the following few hours the newcomer upgraded in the program he was asking about and then went in to make further purchases with TimTech.

3. The member who brushed him off got nothing from this…not a penny and neither did (s)he deserve to.

Now imagine if that member had actually taken the time to help this person, then who do you think would have benefited from the purchases which followed?

Opportunities like this must be missed on a daily basis because far too many members of “social” traffic exchanges have lost the ability to be social, or even friendly for that matter.

Interestingly Richard Arblaster touched upon this subject in a recent post on his NAFTE Chronicles blog in a post called “The Art of Conversation.”

In it he wrote: “It’s time to bring back the art of conversation in the Traffic Exchange chatrooms.

“I love to see people interacting in the chat, even though up until a couple of days ago I wasn’t participating that much in chat as I used to.

“There’s nothing more annoying than going into chat and see a whole column full of copy and pasted prize wins, sometimes from just one surfer.

“So let’s bring back the art of conversation and start interacting with each other and helping each other when a question is asked.”

Good timing Richard. Let’s start chatting again because it could pay dividends…and sometimes quite literally.

When people first come online they are often given what turns out to be quite bad advice and it goes like this…in order to achieve results you can invest either your time or your money. The theory goes that if you have money to invest then you will get faster results and if you have only time then it will take longer but that eventually the results will come.

The truth is that the reality of the situation is, that just like the offline world, if you are going to be successful online then you need to do both…invest your money and your time into the venture from which you are planning to make a living.

By all means try out a new program for free to see if it is right for you but there will come a time when you will have to upgrade in a whole series of programs in order to be successful online.

John Brewer from Lucky 13 explored this topic on the team blog recently in the post Breaking the Mold and with Black Friday coming up it is a timely reminder indeed for us all to really think about what we are actually doing online.

He questions why so many people online fall into two traps:

1. just doing the same as everyone else is doing and

2. never questioning why they are doing the same as everyone else or even having a specific purpose to their actions.

He says: “I know marketers who never upgrade at programs/services that require a monthly payment which makes me ask the question ‘Why are they into Internet Marketing?

“How do we ever expect to be successful at anything online if we are not willing to commit money as well as time? Sure we should be careful about what we spend our money on and why, but how in the world can a business be successful if we don’t invest any money in it?”

So how can a business be successful if the owner will not commit any money to it? The answer, which should be rather obvious to readers of this blog, is that it simply cannot be.

This is a good time of the year to think of our own spending plans. Do we have the right resources to make the most of our business online? Should be upgrade in a program? Buy more advertising? Promote ourselves better?

Well lots of companies, including TimTech of course, are gearing up for the Black Friday weekend where their very best deals of the year are on offer for a limited time.

This is the best time of the year to grab yourself a few bargains but also to put into action a spending plan which will allow you the best possible chance to be successful online.

John added: “I admit it is not always easy to move out of our “comfort zones,” but that is exactly what is necessary if we want true success…

“[A]s long as I keep surrounding myself with such highly motivated and very talented people like the folks on Team Lucky 13, then sooner or later I will get my act together. At the very least our motley crew at Lucky 13 really keep me motivated – even if they don’t realize it. I also have to give a big shout out to Jon Olson, who’s voice is always in the back of my Internet Marketing head urging me to stick with it.”

Further reading: Lucky 13 Blog – Breaking the Mold