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ostrich effect

Let’s face it, we all have an inner ostrich.

Sometimes there are issues in our lives where we just decide to bury our heads in the sand and pretend they don’t exist.

If you do this in business you are seriously hampering your chances of success or even killing off any chance of success altogether.

Anyone who knows TimTech’s Justin Ledvina will know that he knows a fair amount about business and about being successful in business.

From time to time he has shared some of his secrets of success in the weekly T3 webcast sessions but stopped doing them in order to concentrate on his own business.

Now is is putting the finishing touches on a new book where he reveals 40 things that everyone who is serious about setting up in business needs to know.

This book is hard-hitting, full of useful information and is not for the faint-hearted.

However if you want advice that will help you succeed as an online (or offline) entrepreneur, then this is for you.

The book is called Ostrich Effect and currently features on an indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

You can reserve an online copy for $10, a physical signed print edition for $25 or be the guest of honor at a bbq at Justin’s home your honor where you get to hang out with Justin for an entire weekend for $1,000.

That last one is not a joke by the way…in fact it is one of the most unusual perks ever to have been offered for an Indiegogo campaign.

Check it out for yourself right now: Ostrich Effect…the details.

Now you can sponsor CTP badges for a real advertising boost

I still laugh when I recall how people used to say that CTP badges would never catch on.

With more than 23 million of them claimed I think it is fairly safe to say that these badges are pretty well established within our community.

In fact there are many people who will not even consider surfing a traffic exchange unless it contains badges.

Claiming them is one thing but now there is something new you can do with CTP badges…you can sponsor them.

You decide which badge(s) you want to sponsor and then everyone who claims them while you are the sponsor will see your message…powerful stuff indeed.

Benefits of Sponsoring a CTP Badge

So why would you want to sponsor a CTP badge? Well because it is a really cool thing to do of course!

Also, and perhaps just slightly more importantly, just think of all the people who would be able to see your sponsor message each time they claim your sponsored badge.

Badge sponsors get to display a special Sponsor Message which is shown every time the badge is claimed!

It will also be displayed on the badge holders pages (which is also great for SEO by the way) and this means you will have a whole lot of eyes looking at your message.

As an additional bonus we will give you 100 CTP XP every time someone claims your badge. Just think what that could do for your team’s performance.

How To Sponsor a CTP badge

Here is how it works:

1. Login to CTP and go to the CTP badge sponsor page.

2. You will see a selection of some of the badges that are available to sponsor right now.

3. Click on the badge you want to sponsor and you will be taken to the payment page. It costs just $5 to sponsor the badge for one month. The badge will be held for you for five minutes to give you time to complete the payment process. If you don’t complete it or change your mind by clicking away from the page then the badge will be released for someone else to claim.Sponsoring a CTP badge

You will also find a link to claim a badge from that badge’s specific page…unless someone has already claimed it first of course.

Additionally when you claim a badge, then as long as someone else has not got there first, you will see a link allowing you to sponsor that badge too.

So this is a badge I found while surfing ThumbVu:

CTP badge on ThumbVu

So obviously I claimed it….

Now you can sponsor CTP badges right from the CTP badge claim page

And because this has not yet got a sponsor there is a link under the badge which would take me to the badge sponsor page.

Let’s take the Lobby Hits 50 page badge as another example.

One of the first CTP badges to be sponsored


When I claimed this I can see that Sunny Suggs has already sponsored this badge. Her picture, message, and the URL she wants to send people to also shows up.

Think of what you could do if you were the sponsor of your own favourite CTP badges.

But don’t spend too much time thinking because someone else may come along and snap up the badge before you.

sweeva summer sale bannerWhat tongue twister? I hear you ask.

Well what about this one…the Sweeva Summer Sizzler Sale.

Try saying that out loud as fast as you can five times in a row.

Repeat after me…

Sweeva Summer Sizzler Sale.

Sweeva Summer Sizzler Sale.

Sweeva Summer Sizzler Sale.

Sweeva Summer Sizzler Sale.

Sweeva Summer Sizzler Sale.

Well done.

Now give yourself a reward and pick up 10,000 Sweeva credits for just five bucks.

But you better hurry as this tongue-twister, I mean offer, only lasts for 48 hours.


CTP Teams Season Three has started

Now that Season Three is just about underway we thought we might make you a super cool deal on giveaway CTP XP.

With this mega season set to last for the next six months, more people are finding lucrative new ways to use the power of giveaway XP.

Right now there is more XP out there than ever before as program owners, list builders and affiliates make the most of the XP craze.

Now, for a limited time only, we are going to make XP easier than ever to get your hands on. You can get your hands on 4,500,000 giveaway XP for $99 (regular price $500.)

And what’s more for as long as you keep your subscription going we will keep giving you 4,500,000 giveaway XP each and every month.

This offer really is limited and please accept my apologies if, when you read this blog post, it is no longer available.

Get creative. Grow your business. Have fun online.

CTP XP OTO Video splash page still

Patrick's triple traffic for half price offer for DoctorTraffic promotion

Weather forecasts can be tricky things to get right…that is why I tend not to get involved with them at all.

Traffic forecasts are much easier to handle though and this one is guaranteed to be right.

As an exclusive offer to readers of CTP Teams you can get three times the traffic for half the price at DoctorTraffic.

You don’t even need a coupon code. Just click on the image above and the discount is already there for you.



The Sweeva Surf Party is almost upon us once again and it promises to be yet another exciting week.

Based on the last few weeks it is impossible to predict who the top team will be and the individual contest always seems to come down to the wire these days.

Strategy and choosing the best page timer could really come into play once more.

If you have been to a previous Sweeva Surf Party then you will know what to expect at 4pm Eastern and if this is your first time then you are in for a treat.

Yesterday Jon was in a good mood and loaded up a sweet Sweeva credit package ahead of tonight’s party…150,000 Sweeva credits for just 25 bucks. (If you are upgraded in Sweeva you will get even more.)

Not surprisingly most of these were quickly snapped up…but there are still a few left. When I last checked there were eight and when they are gone, they are gone.

So if you need to stock up on credits ahead of the surf party, or if you just recognize a great deal when you see one, then grab one of these packages before they are all snapped up.