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Tag:  Monthly Winners

Tag: Monthly Winners

SurfAholics Alpha trophies earned

With a new month underway let’s take a look at what happened last month…and there is not much change at the top.

The top five looks like this:

  1. SurfAholics Alpha
  2. Lucky 13
  3. The Strays
  4. Cash Surfing Network
  5. CTP Renegades

The Strays and Lucky 13 swapped positions – in fact they ended up with exactly the same amount of points so an electronic flip of a coin was used and Lucky 13 got, er, lucky.

Considering they were not around for most of the month Walter’s new team Uber Surfers and Val’s Hunters only narrowly missed out on earning rewards points this month. Uber Surfers were just two places away from points and the Hunters were seven off the mark.

Next time round I think both will be in the top 25 teams which get reward points…I think that is a fairly safe bet.

Eight Premier League teams were in the Top 25 while the remaining prize winners were obviously from the Competitive League.

Given that Bonz Brigade, CTP Masters and Surf Lovers – all currently Competitive League Teams – ended up with more rewards points than Premier League rivals Dream Team it shows that they really are showing the competitive spirit of all teams.


This week is also the start of a new month at CTP Teams…a new month so this means the battle begins once again to take the honors in the all-importnt monthly contest.

So what happened last month? Well let’s see…first of all let me refer to my notes, or at least to a screengrab which really is much easier.

CTP Teams Monthly Standings


The Top Ten are as follows:

  1. SurfAholics Alpha
  2. Lucky 13
  3. Cash Surfing Network – Team 1
  4. Empower World Team
  5. Kore4
  6. CTP Masters
  7. Bonz Brigade
  8. The C.T.P Renegades
  9. Dream Team
  10. Wake Up Now

Rewards points, as ever, for the top 25 teams. So with a new month well and truly underway lets see what lies in store over the next few weeks.