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Predicting an intense battle between Lucky 13 and SurfAholics Alpha last week wasn’t difficult but predicting which one would end up on top was not so easy.

By Friday both teams were virtually neck and neck and we know by now that both are very determined and laser focused when it comes to CTP Teams.

I am constantly amazed at how much effort the members of these two teams put in to the contest week in and week out.

They both seem to push each other to do more and more each week and both really enjoy the work needed to keep pace with the other. This week Lucky 13 pushed for the three billion barrier but it narrowly alluded them while the Alphas took first place with 3.35 billion team points.

The Strays were ahead of Uber Surfers when I last did a head count on Friday but they had swapped positions again by the end of the contest with Walter Mulder’s team taking third place and Patrick’s Doolin’s homeless kitties taking fourth spot.

A fine performance from the Hunters saw them climb back into the Premier League in seventh spot and a strong start to this week has seen them move up another two places to fifth at this very early stage in the game.

CTP Masters and Surf To Earn are also back in the top league while CSN, Bonz Brigade and Wealth Builders dropped down a league this week.


CTP Teams top 15 for week ending sunday october 26 2014

Monthly Winners:

In the monthly contest The Alphas came in first once again, with Lucky 13 second and Uber Surfers third and as ever there were Reward Points for the top 25 teams.

Once again well done to everybody who did so well over the entire month.

Today sees the start of a new week and a new month at CTP Teams so, as ever, good luck to you all.

Wherever you are in CTP Teams, enjoy yourselves and have fun taking part in the contest.

Spooktacular 2014:

Finally, just a reminder that Spooktacular 2014 is on all week with a new offer on every day between now and Friday. If you take advantage of any of the offers you can earn CTP XP prize wheel spins forĀ  your entire team. Full details can be found here: Spooktacular 2014 is Live.

Another week, and another month will come to an end this Sunday which also sees the half way stage of the Bigfoot Badge Hunt…so it will be a super busy few days at CTP Teams.

Looking at the weekly contest first, Uber Surfers are first, ahead of SurfAholics Alpha and Lucky 13 are in third spot.It is interesting to note that there are no entries for the billionaire’s club so far this week – gaining that number of points in a week is possible…just not too easy.

The Premier League has divided itself up into three distinct bands again this week; teams in positions 1-3, teams in positions 4-8 and teams 9-10. It could be argued that the final two bands are teams 4-9 with ten in a band of its own but there are still three discernible bands in this league.


CTP Teams weekly update premier league september 26

In fact, having just looked at the overall table for the week, it looks like that the third band is just Empower World Team on its own.

That huge slab of grey in the screenshot below shows all the Competitive League teams who have so far amassed more team points than the Empower team.

CTP Teams overall table for september 26 2014

Looking at the overall (combined Premiership and Competitive League) table is always interesting at this time of the week because it shows how strongly many of the teams in the Competitive League are performing.

This week it looks like CTP Masters, Dream Team and the recently-formed Strays Team Bee will be promoted to the Premier League. The Bravos and Hunters are in with an outside chance of going up but don’t seem to pose a really serious threat this week.

Ironically should the Bees move up then it looks likely that they will be replaced by The Strays who are currently in ninth place in the Premier League.

Over at the monthly contest just two points separate the top three teams and every point is valuable when it comes to the rankings for the first annual contest.

Monthly standings on 260914

Oh and the Bigfoot Badge Hunt