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I have nothing ground breaking or profound to say. Nothing I am about to say will change the way you do business unless you take what I have to say and do something with it. What I am going to tell you is what CTP Teams has done for me since I started 2.5 seasons ago.

I’ve known about CTP for a couple of years now, roughly. I was like many people who joined and never really did anything with it. I had no direction or clue as to what I was going to do with CTP. Then I decided to click a link that I had received in my email everyday. That link led me to Jon Olson’s daily webinar. After watching that webinar, I knew exactly what I needed to do and that was to get involved with CTP in every way I could. From that day on I was hooked.

I already had my two TE’s, so I ordered badges and started doing promo’s. I hadn’t yet joined a team because the season was already going on, so I decided to wait till the beginning of the next season, which was Season 3. I joined Season 3 and will tell you that it wasn’t the shinning moment I expected it to be, but I wasn’t going to let that get me down. I need to find a team that would work.

For Season 4 I joined The Cash Surfing Network. When I joined I knew pretty much that day that this was going to be my home for a while. The team members are some of the best that I have had the chance to meet. They do their share and don’t complain, much…

Now when I set out to join a team, I did it because it was a chance to network with other like minded people. I am in a constant state of building my brand, my traffic exchanges. With Season 5 starting I knew with the new format that was coming there would be a lot of surfing going on. So getting my Te’s into the promos was a must. Doing so has had a huge payoff, I have picked up so many new members who are taking the OTO’s and Upgrades.

The surfing that is required has allowed me to advertise in some sites that I had not known about or had not joined. I must say that some of the sites that have participated in the promos have been a little challenging. While I applaud them for taking the chance and doing a promo, some of the sites need to see what the bigger sites are doing and implement some changes. If you know you have a promo starting at midnight, then make sure your site is all set and ready to go. Surfers are an impatient bunch. If they can’t claim what they are supposed to claim, it’s going to make your site look bad.

Those of you who are owners of a TE and do not take advantage of the promos, you are losing out. Don’t worry about the $20 or $50 it costs you to get in, it will put your TE is the spotlight, which will more than payback that initial cost. At one point I could relate to the hesitation, but not any longer. I don’t think about the money it cost to get a promo. I think about how much I am going to benefit for doing the promo.

I am also a competitive person, the competition aspect is fun for me. It also gives me a chance to talk a little smack with the other teams. It’s fun to hangout in the late night blab’s with your teammates while surfing. I personally like the current format CTP Teams has taken.

During these 2.5 seasons that I have been a part of has made the daily grind a little less of a daily grind. I thoroughly enjoy my team and hope to keep this thing we call CTP Teams going. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my team.


Shon Jimenez
Skype: shon.jimenez

Jon sent out an email the other day that really caught my attention.

The headline was “1410 Reasons To Love The Start Of 2015” and I remember thinking that this was a rather odd number to focus on. (Yes I know that 1410 is actually an even number but hopefully you know what I mean.)

I couldn’t imagine that he was going to list 1410 reasons why 2015 had started off well but if the challenge was set then I am sure someone could write that list.

When I read the email this is what I discovered:

“We had over 1400 new members join ClickTrackProfit in the first 7 days of 2015. And here’s the best part, over 90% of those members went to upgraded members at Kore4 !”

Two things are important about this sentence. The first is that there is a lot of new blood coming into CTP and this is great for our continually evolving community and for all of our existing members.

If you are one of these new members and are reading this now then welcome to CTP, it is a great place to be so make full use of it. If you have any queries then do not hesitate to ask, as we really want you to do well online. Your confusion ends here.

The second point is that TimTech is often criticized for building its own downline in programs, although for the life of me, I can’t think why this is something to be critical of.

However if you are upgraded in Kore4 then you may have noticed that some of these new members are now in your downline. As Jon pointed out, 90% of these new members were passed on to Kore4 members. Pretty impressive I would say.

CTP is only as good as the community from which it is made and it is so successful because you guys are so awesome. Sincere thanks to each and every one of you for being part of this little section of the community, we appreciate you all.