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Tag:  measuring success

Tag: measuring success

It must be hard to get results when you are bogged down in self-pity, jealousy or an overwhelming sense of how unfair everything is.

If you compound that with spending most of your precious time hating on those more successful than you, then those illusive results will be even harder still to find.

And as we all know, since gamification was added to traffic exchanges, the results have dried up for everyone in the industry…except that they haven’t.

In Jon Olson’s last blog post he showed that results are all around us…they are everywhere and finding them is not hard to do.

So, for example, it is a result when someone realizes that it is time to drop the self-pity and the petty jealousy and just get on with making the most of the cards they have been dealt.

It is a result when members of CTP are collectively $154,000 better off when measured by commission payments alone.

It is a result when people come together in CTP Teams and end up forging friendships and business partnerships.

It is a result when someone new comes into CTP chat and is given help and guidance by more experienced members.

It is a result when someone overcomes their fears and puts out their first splashpage, video or blog post.

It is a result when the first commission payment comes in.

It is a result when the next and the next and the next payments come in.

It is a result when we no longer look to what other people are doing and concentrate on what we are doing.

It is a result when we show up at TELive and learn something new or ask that question that was troubling us for months.

It is a result when we realize that with the CTP community we are never alone any more.

For even more examples of results check out Jon’s blog post: Hit Exchange News – Results! Results! Results!