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There must be something in the air.

Maybe it is the weather but there is a lot of change at CTP Teams right now.

The worst team in the history of CTP Teams is no more. Remember OutKasts? I think that is what we used to be called anyway.

Some of the leaders on other much better teams are setting out new goals and challenges for their members and other teams are changing their leaders.

Lucky 13 Too is the latest team to change leaders with Winter Perkins now in charge of keeping the 15-strong SiteXplosion Division team in shape.

This week they have dropped a place to fourth in their division and overall they are also fourth in the seasonal standings – sandwiched between Dark Clickers and The Badge Seekers.

Talking of change, in a recent TELive Jon asked what changes you would like to see to CTP Teams.

Feel free to let me know on this blog too.

What would make it better for you?

What do you really like about it as it is?

What do you find offputting?

If you could make one change what would it be?



Lucky 13 Too member Andrew Stark may not have won our recent RocketResponder referral contest but the way he promoted it really caught my eye.

Let’s just say that if I wasn’t already a member of RocketResponder then I would have signed up under Andrew in an instant.

Why? Because he put together a carefully selected package of bonuses which were:

(a) – highly targeted to the audience he was addressing and

(b) – arguably worth more than the monthly subscription.

He sent an email to his list saying if anyone joined under him he would work with them so that they were able to get the very best out of their investment.

These were the exclusive bonuses he offered:

(i) – work out who your ideal subscriber actually is

(ii) – show you how to write your own follow-up series

(iii) – give you a Landing Page Monkey squeezepage that is integrated with your Rocket Responder code

(iv) – pick out an evergreen product to promote in your marketing funnel and

(v) – provide Skype/email support for the next 30 days.

I am not sure how many people took him up on that offer…but I suspect the answer is “not nearly enough.” My feeling is that quite often people fail to recognize an outstanding deal with it is offered to them on a plate.

Personally I think this is an outstanding deal and if you are not already a RocketResponder subscriber, and should Andrew offer this again, then be sure to take him up on it.


Now two members for Lucky 13 Too

Lucky 13 Too is no longer a one man band, and to continue the musical analogy, it is now a duo.

Team leader John Brewer has been joined by Kevin Phillips and the two man band is racking up the points.

Currently in 23rd spot overall, and 14th in the Competitive League, this is another new team which has really hit the ground running.

It is up 39 places in just a couple or so days so once this team gets up to full strength it could be a rival for…Lucky 13. Now that would be interesting.


Lucky 13 Too is latest addition to CTP Teams

I can almost hear the shouts of “It’s not fair” already.

Lucky 13 is no longer content with having one team in the contest, so now they have two or “too” as they like to say because Lucky 13 Too is the latest to join the party.

And in case you think they have no understanding of English grammar the too (rather than two) signifies that this new team is part of Lucky 13 too. Clever.

The team is led by John Brewer, well as of now the entire team is John Brewer, but I don’t think he will be on his own for too much longer.

In just a few hours he has climbed from last place in the overall leaderboard to 29th – a jump of 33 places which is not bad for a few hours work from just one team member.

John, I am told, is “very enthusiastic and excited” about heading up the new Lucky 13 team whose team page describe it as “an extension of our loving family.”

Certainly Lucky 13 is one of the teams where their members have built up a very strong bond and the aim will be for this to happen here too.

And it is still only day three of Week Two in Season Two at CTP Teams.

Lucky 13 Too team joins CTP Teams Lucky 13 Too team joins CTP Teams 1