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LisrViral products

Today is Content Tuesday at ListViral which means there is lots of cool new content to help you build your list.

You can normally expect to find four new packages on a Content Tuesday but this week there are five.

The extra package comes courtesy of William Miller…and look out for a separate blog post about that very soon.

So ensure that you log in to ListViral, or sign up and log in if you are not already a member, and discover the easiest list building method out there.

These packages come with everything you need to build really responsive lists…the downloadable free report, the squeeze page and the RocketResponder email series to get you started.

ListBuilding has always made sense but, until now, it has never been so easy to do.


ListViral is working like a charm and people, for the first time ever, are building their lists while they sleep.

A common response we are getting is:

“I have just joined ListViral and I have subscribers on my list but I didn’t do anything at all yet.”

Another is:

“I have joined ListViral, selected the packages I want to promote and am wondering what steps I am missing.”

The fact is that we have worked hard, super hard actually, to create a program which would allow you to build your own list on total autopilot.

ListViral screenshotYou can go ahead and send traffic to your squeeze pages if you want (in fact we recommend that you do)…but you don’t have to.

You can add extra emails to your email series or personalize the email series we have created for you (and we recommend that you do)…but you don’t have to.

The bottom line is that we have been able to integrate ListViral into RocketResponder in such a way that the amount of setting up on your end is…zero.

In fact if you take our upgrades and auto traffic packages you could build a sizable list without ever having to do another thing.

Now, obviously, you would want to interact with your list as that is the whole point in building a list in the first place. After all you don’t invite people around to a party at your house and then resolutely spend the entire time ignoring them.

So the main purpose of this post is to tell you that there is really not a lot you have to do when you sign up to ListViral…it just quietly goes to work on your behalf.

You can log in every day (or more often if you wish) to check your dashboard and see how your numbers are going up and be sure to check out Plus 1 Success Daily with Jon Olson where you can get all your ListViral questions answered and be the first to find out about the latest developments.

ListViral is not broken, it is just super, super easy to use. We built it that way on purpose.

Have a great weekend.


So the waiting is finally over and ListViral is back, bigger and better than ever.

First things first, it is not a mailer. We already have an awesome mailer which is ListNerds so launching a second one just for the sake of it did not make sense.

If you know us already then you will know that we are committed to the Plus 1 mentality…it is in everything we do and it should be in everything you do too.

So with Plus 1 very much at the forefront of our minds, we wanted to know what we could do to ListNerds to take it to the next level so that you could take your online business to the next level.

We wanted something that was:

  • easy to use
  • served a genuine purpose
  • would help our customers grow their businesses
  • was highly cost effective and
  • put list building on autopilot.

List building is the one thing that will grow your business, take it to new levels and set you apart from everyone else who does not have a list.

Until now there has been something of a mystery of how exactly to do it. ListViral removes the mystery, adds a TimTech twist and makes list building easier than ever before.

It seamlessly integrates with RocketResponder to make list building as easy and affordable as it is possible to get.

And it totally removes the main barriers to list building which prevents so many people from getting started.

It has hard to get started in list building if you don’t have some product, such as a quality e-book, to encourage sign ups.

Even if you have an book, you will still need a professional squeeze page and an email follow up series for your subscribers.

In fact you will be able to build your list far better if you have multiple e-books, squeeze pages and email messages and it can take many months of hard work just to get these all up and running.

ListViral members don’t have those problems because we have already taken care of all the difficult, time-intensive tasks for you.

So it is live now…go ahead and check it out.


new list viral logo

The all new ListViral is coming and you really won’t want to miss it.

Right now it is still under wraps but here are seven secrets that the guys have allowed me to tell you so far:

1. It now offers you the chance to… [to be announced]

2. This time round you will be able to… [to be announced]

3. ListViral is going live on …[to be announced]

4. There will be an opportunity to… [to be announced]

5. In a new development you will love the way… [to be announced]

6. As this is a TimTech product you can always expect a rather exciting new twist…with ListViral you will get …[to be announced]

7. Everyone who joins will naturally… [to be announced]

I have probably given away a little too much there but I think you can see that this is going to be massive.

If I was you I would sign up now to be the first to know when we are ready to fill in all the blanks.