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So the waiting is finally over and ListViral is back, bigger and better than ever.

First things first, it is not a mailer. We already have an awesome mailer which is ListNerds so launching a second one just for the sake of it did not make sense.

If you know us already then you will know that we are committed to the Plus 1 mentality…it is in everything we do and it should be in everything you do too.

So with Plus 1 very much at the forefront of our minds, we wanted to know what we could do to ListNerds to take it to the next level so that you could take your online business to the next level.

We wanted something that was:

  • easy to use
  • served a genuine purpose
  • would help our customers grow their businesses
  • was highly cost effective and
  • put list building on autopilot.

List building is the one thing that will grow your business, take it to new levels and set you apart from everyone else who does not have a list.

Until now there has been something of a mystery of how exactly to do it. ListViral removes the mystery, adds a TimTech twist and makes list building easier than ever before.

It seamlessly integrates with RocketResponder to make list building as easy and affordable as it is possible to get.

And it totally removes the main barriers to list building which prevents so many people from getting started.

It has hard to get started in list building if you don’t have some product, such as a quality e-book, to encourage sign ups.

Even if you have an book, you will still need a professional squeeze page and an email follow up series for your subscribers.

In fact you will be able to build your list far better if you have multiple e-books, squeeze pages and email messages and it can take many months of hard work just to get these all up and running.

ListViral members don’t have those problems because we have already taken care of all the difficult, time-intensive tasks for you.

So it is live now…go ahead and check it out.


Jon was a little bit worried as he hit the “publish” button for his recent Hit Exchange News blog post, but he decided to go ahead with it anyway.

Maybe worried is not quite the right word but let’s say he was certainly more than a little apprehensive.

In face the very title of his post gave away his inner turmoil… This Post Might Make Me Even More Hated But…

In it Jon was making the point that list building was a better way of getting results than doing ‘hard work’ such as clicking on links in emails.

I think he feared that people would accuse him of being unkind for making the comparisons he did on his post.

You know the sort of thing:

“Jon you are such a mean bully. Stop being so mean to people, it’s not fair.”

But do you know what…it didn’t happen.

The post attracted many comments but no hate at all.

In fact the general theme was quite the opposite of what Jon might have feared.

It is certainly worth checking out the blog post if you have not already done so…don’t forget to read the comments too as they are really worthwhile and make valuable points.

Read more: Hit Exchange News. This Post Might Make Me Even More Hated But…

If you have been to TELive recently then you might have heard Jon talk about one or more the following four subjects:

– listbuilding

– building a list

– building a list of subscribers

– adding subscribers to your list.

Actually they are all the same thing but you will have worked that out already.

Yesterday Jon had a bit of a mini rant about the lack of listbuilding going on in the industry right now.

Just look at any traffic exchange and you will see splash page after splash page but not so many lead capture pages.

People have got out of the habit of building lists and if you are in that category then it will hit your bottom line.

When you show a splash page then you have one shot of making a sale.

The person looking at your page needs to do the following things:

– notice your offer

– decide they want to take advantage of your offer

– be prepared to buy from you on the spot

So you have to catch the person at exactly the right time if you are going to get a conversion from your offer.

Now let’s look at a lead capture page and here is what needs to happen for you to get a result.

The person looking at your page needs to:

– notice your offer

– be sufficiently interested to give you their name and email address

Here are two massive, and I mean massive, advantages of this approach.

Firstly you don’t have to catch people when they are at the point of making a buying decision.

Secondly by getting people to sign up to your mailing list you now have the opportunity to

(i) build up a lasting relationship with your subscribers

(ii) market to these subscribers on a regular basis so that you can potentially make multiple sales from individuals over an extended period of time.

I am sure Jon will return and expand on this topic over the weeks and months ahead but, for now, the key message is that you really need to be building your lists and a cost-effective, easy-to-use and traffic exchange friendly system like Rocket Responder is an obvious choice of tool to do so.