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Tag: Kris Rogers

Matt Badura and I join Jon Olson on TELive from Manhattan

I had a lot of fun on Monday when I met up with SurfAholics Alpha team leader Matt Badura in New York. We were wandering around Manhattan during the afternoon and decided to pop into a coffee shop and surprise everyone by taking part in TELive together.

We found a suitable coffee shop, set up Matt’s laptop and were chatting away when someone noticed that the camera was pointing out onto the sidewalk behind us and asked if any passers by had noticed what we were doing.

Somehow this got translated into Matt leaving the coffee shop and walking out onto the sidewalk in order to persuade a New Yorker to join us for coffee (on us) and say a few words on TELive.

For some reason everyone Matt stopped was just that little bit too busy to chat with a random Canadian and British guy but Matt didn’t give in and he managed to find a guy from the Netherlands to talk to us in return for a cup of coffee.

It was fun, all a bit random and I really enjoyed it…I hope everyone else did too.

The next day I got a Skype message from Strays Team Bee leader Kris Rogers who told me that our little mini international gathering had inspired her to write a blog post which set out to put locations on the places the members of the CTP community come from.

I think this is a great idea and have added my name to her online map. The funny thing is that I had previously thought about how cool it would be to see where we all came from on a map so I am really pleased that Kris has decided to do this.

Kris Rogers CTP members world map finder

Check out Kris’s original blog post and why not share your location with our community. You can click on the map above to add your location or view the location of other CTP members.