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First thing first I want to thank Jon Olson for giving me the chance to be part of this blog. And now back to my question “So Are You Using Video Yet?” If you have I applaud You High Five and all that. If you haven’t and don’t plan to. I’m kind of curious has to why you have or will not adopt to the changes that are going on in the advertising sphere of traffic exchanges or any other kind of online advertising. It’s the age of Video  embrace it use it to your advantage. get out from behind the old way of advertising get in front of a camera and make a video. Your going to find out it’s actually fun and nobody is going to bite your head off . Hey if they do its only because they haven’t come around yet. Mark my words in a couple of years video pages are going to be the norm in traffic exchanges. So if you start now today. You will be ahead of everyone who keeps putting it off dog video camera

For me my first video I was extremely nervous making it and especially showing it. But you know what people like it. So then I was like this is cool. So I made another then another. Now all the sudden I’m not just a pitcher on a splash or squeeze page. I’m a real person. and you know what else video has really helped me with my branding. Maybe just maybe it could do the same for you

Over at my blog Scott Rohn’s Thoughts I did a couple of blog posts about doing video that could help you once you start making videos. It’s like Jon always says “Everyone should be using video in the advertising” Something like that. In one post I showed how you can get your video uploaded to You tube Super Fast. Then there is another post where I show you how to add your video to a squeeze page at adkreator and how to make it autoplay. Yes Autoplay if your video does not autoplay it will never be heard .

I’m ending this blog post knowing that there might be a few of you guys that do at least one video. To you that do I say thumbs up keep going. I also know that most of you won’t and that’s to bad

Thanks for Your Time


Scott Rohn



Jon Olson and Tony Tezak on TELive

Tuesday’s TELive where Jon interviewed Tony Tezak from Tezak Traffic Power and Lucky 13 was a joy to listen to.

In fact it was so good I would have to say it must be one of the very best TELive shows ever.

I listened to it twice…once when it was live on Tuesday and again before writing this blog post.

It was good because Tony, one of the most knowledgeable people in the TE industry, gave some of the best information that I have ever heard.

Some of what he said must have been uncomfortable for some to listen to, perhaps very uncomfortable indeed at times…but it was information which needed to be said.

If you didn’t watch the show, and you have more than a passing interest in the traffic exchange industry, then I would strongly suggest that you set a side a full hour without interruptions and watch it as soon as you can.

Have a pen and paper to hand to take notes too because there is a lot you can learn from Tuesday’s talk.

Jon later described it as the most important TELive that he had ever done so, that alone, should tell  you that it is some awesome content from one of the most known, experienced, successful and well liked people in the industry.

Find out more including a link to Tuesday’s TELive with Tony Tezak:

The Most Important T.E. Live I’ve Ever Done…

RR referral contest bannerThe crown never fit comfortably on the head of Jon ‘King of the Safelists’ Olson.

Being voted the most outstanding user of safelists in the history of online advertising, or something like that, in Andrew Stark’s survey was a move which caused a certain amount of controversy.

Some laughed, others were outraged, many took to social media sites to vent their anger and it is suspected that others simply fainted on the spot upon hearing the news.

Immediately before stepping down as King of the Safelists Jon passed one final decree from his diamond-encrusted throne.

Banging his regal sceptre three times on the ground to summon the TimTech Writer Of Official Words to the royal court he dictated the following message:

“Hear ye, Hear ye.

“Be it known that in my last act as King of the Safelists, Viscount of the Viral Mailers and Master of all other related platforms, I Olson of Jon make the following proclamation.

“I hereby make available a bounty of $250 in return for more information about the workings of Safelists for the advertising of the most powerful of tools called Rocket Responder.

“Betwixt now and 11.59.59pm Eastern on Sunday March 1, I will hold a contest where the aforementioned Rocket Responder shall be promoted in safelists, viral mailers and associated platforms and the prize will be awarded to he or she who brings in the most new people.”

He then signed the Royal Decree to make it official and then removed his crown to signal the end to his reign as King of Safelists.

Click on the banner to find the full details from Jon’s blog and you can check out the leaderboard right here.


Have you ever asked yourself: “Who is the best safelist advertiser?”

Well when I think safelists I think Jerry Iannucci because Jerry is Mr Safelist after all. You don’t get to be Mr Safelist without knowing a thing or two about…well, safelists.

Look, he even has a Twitter account called @MisterSafelist and he blogs about safelists. So it is a safe bet that he is the ‘go to guy’ when it comes to these sort of lists.

MisterSafelist Twitter screengrab

On the other hand when I think of the ‘go to guy’ for Traffic Exchanges then I think of Jon Olson.

He even has a Twitter account called @TheTEGuy and he blogs about traffic exchanges. So it is a safe bet that he is the ‘go to guy’ when it comes to traffic exchanges.

Jon Olson TheTEGuy Twitter screengrab

Not only is Jon not The Safelist Guy he is also not someone who would be considered a power-user of safelists either.

So I would not really expect him to do so well in a survey asking the very question I posed at the start of this blog.

But that survey is live right now and these are the findings so far…

Who is the best safelist advertiser survey

What!!!! Jon tops the poll. How can that be? Well if you attended yesterday’s TELive you will know what Jon thinks of the matter…and if you didn’t then I am sure we will talk about it again today.

Oh and one last thing.

The survey, which was put together by Andrew Stark, is currently the featured CTP Chat Ad on all the TimTech traffic exchanges today…so if you have not already cast your vote then start surfing StartXchange, ILoveHits, Sweeva, or ThumbVu and have your say too.

TimTech traffic exchange CTP chat ad example

If you know anything about the Traffic Exchange industry then you would have to agree that Jon Olson is something of an expert in this area.

So when he decides to share how to “crush it” with TEs then it really is time to sit up and listen.

He explained what he meant yesterday in TELive and also wrote a blog post to go with it – there is a link to the post at the end of this article.

Jon wrote: “I’ve maintained for years, the only two things you should be doing in the traffic exchanges is building your list and branding your name. Build & Brand is what I called it and it really is as simple as that.

“All results can be improved almost overnight when you focus on kicking butt with your squeeze page and really making an impact on the viewers and also working on an amazing auto responder series for your new subscribers.

That’s it!”

Jon goes into a lot more details on his blog, so if you have not already done so, check it out.

Further Reading: Hit Exchange News – 2 Sneaky Secrets For Crushing It In The Traffic Exchanges

…Jon got his words wrong. When he was supposed to say “marketing” he actually said “farkerting.”

In fact as Eric Goettman pointed out on Twitter the actual phrase he used was “top of the munnel farketing” which is even slightly more confusing (although if you are a TELive regular you should be able to work out what he really meant.

So like I said, Jon got his words wrong and Eric put this on Twitter:

And for some reason that I can’t work out, Jon’s ‘farketing’ talk immediately brought this splash page from Martin Bolger to mind in the collective psyche of SurfAholics Alpha.

SAA "Terry Allison surfing" splash page from SurfAholics Alpha Season One Winners at CTP Teams

Funny people. Come and join us at TELive every Monday to Thursday at 4pm Eastern.

Jon Olson reviews 2014 te community in HEN

Jon Olson has ended the year in his customary way by reviewing 2014 from the point of view of the traffic exchange community.

He points out that traffic exchanges have been delivering traffic, in one form or another, since the late 90s, and while some love them and others hate them, they show no signs of going away.

In his blog post Jon paid tribute to the traffic exchange community, members of CTP Teams and the audience which still flocks to TELive every day.

Speaking of CTP Teams he wrote: “…the awesome sauce people that make up CTP Teams. Seeing and working with these folks each and every day this year made me so confident in the future of traffic exchanges.”

He singled out Lords of Lothar as the best new traffic exchange of the year and named Kore4 as his favorite product of the year with Landing Page Monkey coming a close second.

The Legacy Hits team was named as traffic exchange owners of the year for their dedication, constant promotion and for the way they look after their members.

Looking ahead to 2015 Jon wrote: “…2014 has opened my eyes to the crazy industry that we all love so much. We’re still here. We are still growing. We are still delivering the hits. Let’s make 2015 the best year and continue to show the world how powerful the traffic exchange can be!”

Further reading: Hit Exchange News – The Annual Year In Review For 2014

Jon Takes A Drink On Impromptu TE Live

Jon was feeling a bit bored on Saturday night (actually the early hours of Sunday morning as I write this post.)

He was surfing for Golden Eggs of XP and just fired up Spreecast to hang out with the te community.

Then he took a sip of water from a glass which was almost the size of his head.

So it is time for another caption contest…

Just give me a caption to this picture in a comment to this post and Jon will award some XP to at least one of you.

I thought if Jon can launch a random TELive then I can launch a random CTP XP giveaway!

I don’t think that anyone who attended TELive yesterday could have doubted that Jon Olson was just a tiny bit excited.

Jon does tend to get excited when he has a big announcement to make…but on a day when he has TWO big announcements to make then the excitement goes off the scale.

So in case you missed it these were the announcements…

Robert Puddy brings tiered XP Badges to Advertising Know-How

Jon has made no secret of the fact that he would love to see CTP badges across the whole TE industry so this is certainly one huge step in that direction.

Advertising Know-How is “one of the big-boy TEs” as Jon put it on TELive and Robert has decided to bring tiered XP badges to his members there. The order has just been confirmed and the badge builder backroom boys are already working on bringing these new XP badges to you.

Obviously when they go live then you will be amongst the first to know. This is excellent news indeed and we are sure they will really take off.

The second big news announcement was…

Tony Tezak brings tiered XP Badges to Tezak Traffic Power

So to sign up one big industry name for tiered XP badges is one thing but to get two in one day is double awesome indeed.

This is the first KRM TE to order CTP badges and anyone who watched TELive could not fail to see how happy Jon was. Jon said: “We have wanted Tony to get badges for years and we could not be happier that he has decided to do so.

“This is such a huge win for CTP and for Tezak Traffic Power – I am thrilled and I know Tony will be blown away.

“Both of these announcements are epic and I think that CTP Teams will go haywire now with these new developments.”

Tony Tezak announces tiered XP badges for Tezak Traffic Power on TELive

Tony said: “How can I not ignore 500,000 members – if I get just one per cent of you all surfing my TE I’m going to be absolutely thrilled.

“I think we are going to have a lot of fun with this and I am really happy. I appreciate the warm welcome we have received from everyone at TimTech…let’s have fun.”

It is not only badges that links Tony with TimTech sites. He already has the blue bomb on Tezak Traffic Power every single Friday through to February 2015. Also he is a very active member of Lucky 13.

As soon as the badges are live at these two sites we then you will be informed, so check your email and check this site for updates…but you won’t be kept waiting long!

Valentin Mavrodin hides behind a purple cowOh dear what have we unleashed on the Traffic Exchange community? Valentin from SurfAholics Alpha messages me on Skype and the conversation goes somerthing like this:

Val: “Hey Patrick I am thinking of doing my second spreecast.”

Me: “OK cool. When do you have in mind?”

Val: “Hmmm, in about 30 minutes.”

Me: “Er ok. What are you going to talk about?”

Val: “Well I don’t have anyting planned at all. I thought I would just get on Spreecast and see what happens.”

Me: “This should be interesting. Count me in.”

So it is his second show and he has no script, nothing at all to really talk about and he does a show which lasts for three-and-a-half hours and is packed full of fun and laughter for the entire time.

He has five special guests during the show, didn’t try to promote anything at all and just set out to have a good laugh and hang out with people from the TE community.

Jon Olson was first up but he has just woken up and at times still looked a little sleepy. Or maybe it was just something I said?

hanging around spreecast jon is guest

Raymond Wooten – bondsman in CTP and a member of Cash Surfing Network – Team 1 – came on camera to say Hi and was rewarded with some surprise XP from Val and Jon for doing so.

Carl Davies, the guy who likes to dodge slow flying sponges, (come back to this blog tomorrow for more about that) tried to get on but couldn’t connect and Nathan from the Bravos also tried to get on air but his cats wouldn’t let him.

Terry Allison from The Alphas was next up. He tried to win 100 million XP by making Valentin disappear just by concentrating really hard while looking up very intently.

Sadly all he managed to do was make the host look a little blurry so he got no XP at all.

Terry Allison tries to make Valentin Mavrodin disappear

Matt Badura was supposed to be working offline today so he came to the show heavily disguised in the hope that nobody would recognize him. I think the name at the top of the screen gave things away though…

Valentin Mavrodin Hanging Around Spreecast Matt Badura in disguise

He did, however, manage to make Terry disappear but nobody told him about the 100 million XP giveaway so he didn’t win anything. Matt, if you are reading this, Terry would like to come back now as he has things he needs to get on with.

Valentin Mavrodin hanging around spreecast with Matt Badura

Valentin explained why he will never make it as a professional goal-keeper and the show was peppered with a lot of tiny animals including a purple cow and some cuddly toy tigers.

I don’t think I have laughed so much in a long time and I think I can quite safely say that a new star of Spreecast has been found.

Valentin Mavrodin Hanging Around Spreecast recording