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Tag:  Jerry Iannucci

Tag: Jerry Iannucci

Have you ever asked yourself: “Who is the best safelist advertiser?”

Well when I think safelists I think Jerry Iannucci because Jerry is Mr Safelist after all. You don’t get to be Mr Safelist without knowing a thing or two about…well, safelists.

Look, he even has a Twitter account called @MisterSafelist and he blogs about safelists. So it is a safe bet that he is the ‘go to guy’ when it comes to these sort of lists.

MisterSafelist Twitter screengrab

On the other hand when I think of the ‘go to guy’ for Traffic Exchanges then I think of Jon Olson.

He even has a Twitter account called @TheTEGuy and he blogs about traffic exchanges. So it is a safe bet that he is the ‘go to guy’ when it comes to traffic exchanges.

Jon Olson TheTEGuy Twitter screengrab

Not only is Jon not The Safelist Guy he is also not someone who would be considered a power-user of safelists either.

So I would not really expect him to do so well in a survey asking the very question I posed at the start of this blog.

But that survey is live right now and these are the findings so far…

Who is the best safelist advertiser survey

What!!!! Jon tops the poll. How can that be? Well if you attended yesterday’s TELive you will know what Jon thinks of the matter…and if you didn’t then I am sure we will talk about it again today.

Oh and one last thing.

The survey, which was put together by Andrew Stark, is currently the featured CTP Chat Ad on all the TimTech traffic exchanges today…so if you have not already cast your vote then start surfing¬†StartXchange, ILoveHits, Sweeva, or ThumbVu and have your say too.

TimTech traffic exchange CTP chat ad example

Jerry Iannucci on Lucky 13 video

… Jerry Iannucci made a cameo appearance on videos for the first 12 teams that asked him.

Or, even better, for the 12 teams that came up with the funniest ways that his appearance could add value to their video.

And at the end of it all then Jerry would have an awesome compilation video to promote his own awesome talents while CTP Teams members would be at the forefront of showing how adding an element of fun into this industry is great for business.

Just an idea which popped into my head…and I am not even in the shower right now either.

P.S. I had the idea while reading all the awesome, and totally well-deserved feedback Jerry has received on this blog to his appearance on the Lucky 13 “Saying Hi” video.

The awesomeness coming out of CTP Teams right now is utterly amazing.

If you checked out the Lucky 13 Meet The Team video yesterday then take another look at it today…it has a beefed up ending which takes this to yet another new level.

This is the video with the new ending…

Jerry Iannucci – you are one of the funniest guys online.

Jerry Iannucci on Lucky 13 video

In other news have you seen how the top of the Premier League looks right now.

Well this is how it looked late on Tuesday night when I wrote this post…

CTP Teams Premier League Screenshot

Screenshot updated to show position at 8.20am Eastern today:

Battle for the top at CTP Teams

Look at Lucky 13…look at The Strays – cats and humans in a mega race to accumulate points.

So I looked for clues as how they might be doing so well and I didn’t have to look too hard. These screenshots give a clue as to the amazing amounts of bonuses both teams are picking up right now.

First Lucky 13…

Lucky 13 CTP Teams BonusesAnd now The Strays with even more…

The Strays CTP Teams BonusesI love CTP Teams.