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It sounds like one of those brain teasers I guess.

Well when it comes to CTP Teams at least,  the answer is on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Hunters leader Valentin has come up with an interesting new way to recognise some of the members of his team.

So on Wednesdays the team changes its name to SocialViralProfits Hunters…

SocialViralProfits Hunters is Hunters team on Wednesdays

I am sure this goes down well with team member Shon Jimenez who owns Social Viral Profits.

Then on Thursdays it changes its name again, this time to CoolCatHits Hunters because owner Douglas Roehrig is the owner of that program.

CoolCatHits Hunters is the team name on Thursdays

And it is not only the program owners who win from this great example of team work…so do the members who surf the two traffic exchanges when they are highlighted by team Hunters.

Those members who surf 250 pages get a little extra reward too so everyone wins.


Valentin Mavrodin CTP Guide splash page

It is amazingly good to see so many people in CTP taking action this year.

I love writing about the many and varied ways CTP members promote themselves while going out of their way to help others at the same time.

Hunters leader Valentin Mavrodin has been busy putting together a guide to CTP for people who are new to traffic exchanges and new to CTP.

He explains the key elements really well and manages to capture the essence of CTP in his free 25-page guide which is well designed, easy to read and full of really great pictures and screen shots.

In it he explains what badges are and how to collect them, how to promote CTP, features including the Prize and Cash Wheels, the importance of filling out your profile page and, of course, the benefits of upgrading to Kore4.

Screenshot from Valentin Mavrodin's CTP Guide PDF

Nice job Val. Keep being creative.

We always love it at the CTP Teams blogging basement, when we hear of teams and team members making good use of our stuff.

Robert Arnold has clearly got a lot of well-deserved attention and praise for his really inventive series of promotions which we recently highlighted on this blog.

However you don’t have to be a program owner in order to do cool things with existing CTP tools…anyone can do so.

And one of the latest people to do so is Hunters founder Valentin who recently launched a month long promo which is running now and continues until February 10.

In his promo he is giving away:

– 20,000 CTP reward points, 200 wand charges, 30 D batteries, 100 tokens, 100 mini prize cards and  150 C batteries.

This sounds like a good way to leverage the power of CTP for me. Good luck with the promo Val.

Valentin promo giving away CTP XP and other goodies

New York subway map

While minding my own business in New York last week I came across a couple of haunts that Hunters seem to have claimed as their own.

They are both stations on the underground system – Hunters Point Avenue which is on the number 7 line in Queens and 68th Street Hunter College which is where they must go to school.

I wonder if there are any other CTP Teams-related places around. I will keep my eyes open but if you see any then be sure to let me know.

Hunters Point Avenue Hunter College

Last weeks standings CTP teams on Monday November 3

After amassing more than three billion team points last week, compared with 1.8 billion for second placed Lucky 13, it is fair to say that SurfAholics Alpha had a rather easy victory this week.

This is also something of a milestone event fr the Alphas – this is seven straight weekly wins in a row for them which breaks their previous record of six straight wins. No other team has done this so very well done Alphas.

These two teams never give up and no matter what hardships they might suffer in any given week they are rarely out of the top two. Uber Surfers and Kore 4 took third and fourth slots – not a huge surprise there on past form – but Hunters were the biggest move of the week finishing fifth ahead of The Strays.

Alphas have opened up an early lead this week already, thanks in part to the boost of having four of their Kore 4 members renew and partly down to the fact that they are just really good at being at the top of CTP Teams.

Hunters are now up to third place which seems to be sending out a message to the rest of the top teams that they don’t intend their strong finish of last week to be regarded as some kind of fluke.

Similarly newly promoted Cash Surfing Network, currently in sixth place, are signaling that they intend to stay in the top league this week while TE Racing League, currently in sixth place overall are making it clear that their drop down to the Competitive League is something they are determined to remedy.

We currently have 59 teams in CTP teams right now ranging from the full compliment of 25 members to just one member and all can benefit from being part of this great community.

Wherever you are in the contest then good look during the week ahead and have fun while you are working on your online business.


CTP Teams overall top on Friday October 31

Last week Hunters were in the Competitive League but this week they find themselves holding down the fourth spot in the Premier League.

They have been there for a couple of days now and have obviously decided that CTP Teams needs a little bit of a change at the top.

Right now fifth place Kore4 are only just behind them but, so far at least, the Hunters have been unwilling to give up the ground they have earned for themselves.

The top three slots are much as they have been for some time now – SurfAholics Alpha, Lucky 13 and Uber Surfers in first, second and third places respectively. There is a lot of clear space between each of the teams but not so much that the positions could not change between now and Sunday.

It is a rather different story at the bottom of the league with TE Racing League, CTP Masters and Surf to Earn all looking pretty much destined to drop down a league this week.

Finally this week, the Top 100 Players table is rather interesting to look at this week. As you might expect, the Top 20 places are dominated by members of the Alphas and Lucky 13.

However the interesting news is that number one spot is held by Lucky 13 member Pan Garan who has earned an incredible 623 million points for his team this week – more than twice as much as the second placed Top 100 member. This is an awesome individual achievement indeed.

In fact how is that even possible? That is more from one person than the points totals of any individual team in CTP Teams outside of the top two.

Top 100 Players top three in CTP Teams

CTP Teams overall snapshot on oct 12 2014

With another week about to end at CTP Teams the story isn’t so much about what is happening at the top of the table, but what is happening a little lower down the rankings.

Teams one, two and three remain exactly where they were at the start of the week as we come to end final stretch on day seven.

The Alphas have made it past one billion points again and Lucky 13 are not there yet but this barrier certainly looks to be in their grasp should they want it.

More interestingly though is that we have two teams from the Competitive League which are are in sixth and seventh places overall – CTP Masters and Hunters and we will most certainly see both teams in the Premier League next week, possibly joined by Kore4, which is currently sitting in third place in the Competitive League.

This is even more remarkable for Hunters as the team suffered somewhat of a setback at the start of the week when their numbers were reduced to 20 when one of their Kore4 upgraded team members quit for personal reasons.

As we have seen before in CTP Teams, setbacks can cause a team to redouble their efforts to succeed and do better than ever.

CTP Renegades – who this week dominated the Sweeva Surf Party – are currently just a whisker ahead of The Strays while WealthBuilders are within touching distance of Surf Lovers.

Remember the 100 per cent bonus for completing the Daily Challenge remains in force and today the challenge is to collect the surfing badges at Showbiz Hits.

I have just been looking back through some recent CTP Teams blog posts and at this rate Uber Surfers and Hunters will need their very own blog.

These two teams have come from nowhere and really dominated in just a matter of days.

Valentin’s Hunters finished 14th overall last week with 35.9 million points and is currently on track to break into the Premier League next week – early days obviously but the team is on track none the less.

However Walter’s Uber Surfers have been on something of a rampage in recent days.

First Richard Arblaster disbanded #ovendogs to become an Uber ovendog, next Randy Sult closed Stinkin’ Badge Owners to snap up one of the last slots on Walter’s team as an Uber Badge Owner and finally Randy Ritter shut up shop to jump on board as an Uber Wingman. Walter even managed to recruit Sig from top team SurfAholics Alpha to become an Uber Viking.

Uber Surfers promoted to CTP Teams Premier League after just one week

Not only has Walter become an Uber grim reaper of CTP Teams but Uber Surfers was instantly promoted into the Premier League at the first opportunity after finishing in ninth place overall last week with 67.4 million team points.

Uber Surfers are currently fourth place in the Premier League…could they be planning to challenge the top three already? I think they just might give it a go.

Coming up next…a closer look at both leagues.