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Tag: Howard Fullmer

Top Five in CTP Teams at end of S2 W6 D7

Uber Surfers took more than just top honors when they wrapped up the week in first place yesterday…

They also took SurfAholics Alpha team member Howard Fullmer from their main rivals and welcomed him on board with open arms.

Now – at the half way point in this season’s contest – the Alphas have just the narrowest of leads – as they are just one point clear of Ubersurfers.

Lucky 13 came in third yesterday and are also third on the season’s leaderboard. Cash Surfing Network were fourth last week and Renegades fifth, however their positions are reversed in the season points table.

Dream Team, Ultimate Surf Warriers and Adkreator move up to the top league this week and have been replaced by The Strays, WealthBuilders and TERacing League.

So now as we are into the second half of the season let’s see if we can make it as fun and exciting as the first half was…something tells me this will not be too much of a problem. Have fun everyone.



Any ideas? Well here is a clue…if you are a member of SurfAholics Alpha you will probably know. So that narrows it down to 23 people. OK well it is not Matt, Valentin or Donna Cheltenham so that leaves 20.

Neither is it Carl Davis, Rae Sheets, Dan Mazilu, Myra P nor Terry Allison so now we are down to 15.

Ok well it is time for a clue…how about a picture clue…

Howard Fullmer CTP

Oops I think that rather gives the game away actually. Anyway Howard is the featured member on the SurfAholics Alpha team blog…and that is how I know about the airbag and hiking stuff. Feel free to check it out for yourselves too: Featured Member: Howard Fullmer