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ILH Seasonal Header

Christmas is just around the corner and you may have already noticed the seasonal makeover we have given to our sites, such as the ILH header shown above.

The CTP Christmas game card is now live and also we have turned on the mini seasonal game cards so don’t forget to make these cards active if you want to collect the pieces and gain the prizes for filling them.

The seasonal mini game cards are:

* Frosty Friends

* Nativity

* Oh Christmas Tree

* Stocking Filler and

* The Holy Family

To make them active first make sure you have stocked up on mini prize cards. If not you can buy them with tokens from your “goodies” page on CTP.

CTP Mini Game Cards

Then just check out the box on the right hand side of the page which says “Load a Mini Prize Card” and click on the links for the card(s) you want to make active and you are all set.

Remember you can only collect the pieces for the game cards which you have loaded and active so why not get this done now while it is fresh in your mind?

Adding a CTP mini prize card

OH Christmas Tree CTP Christmas Mini Prize Card

Coming up next: How to collect bonus XP during this holiday season.