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Jon was a little bit worried as he hit the “publish” button for his recent Hit Exchange News blog post, but he decided to go ahead with it anyway.

Maybe worried is not quite the right word but let’s say he was certainly more than a little apprehensive.

In face the very title of his post gave away his inner turmoil… This Post Might Make Me Even More Hated But…

In it Jon was making the point that list building was a better way of getting results than doing ‘hard work’ such as clicking on links in emails.

I think he feared that people would accuse him of being unkind for making the comparisons he did on his post.

You know the sort of thing:

“Jon you are such a mean bully. Stop being so mean to people, it’s not fair.”

But do you know what…it didn’t happen.

The post attracted many comments but no hate at all.

In fact the general theme was quite the opposite of what Jon might have feared.

It is certainly worth checking out the blog post if you have not already done so…don’t forget to read the comments too as they are really worthwhile and make valuable points.

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