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Tag:  Gary Anderson

Tag: Gary Anderson

It is always rewarding to see people make really good video splash pages.

It is good beca2use it shows that real thought and effort has been placed into helping ensure that the page is best placed to achieve the desired result.

So when I saw a splash page from CTP member Gary Anderson recently, I saw that it looked to be a very good page indeed.

This is a screenshot of the page in question. If you click on it you will be taken to the actual page with the video on it.

Gary Anderson Kore4 splash page

I guess the first thing to keep in mind is that it looks really great and it is obvious what it is promoting…Kore4 in this case.

There is an opt in form to that Gary can build his list and a video, a really well-made autoplay video, so that he can get his message across and, at the same time, give people the chance to get to know him.

All very well and good. Excellent in fact.

Then I am told that this is Gary’s first attempt at such a page.

That makes an already very impressive page all the more impressive. Very well done sir.