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CTP badges

I love reading the comments on this blog, especially as they cover a diverse range of views, opinions and points of view on subjects which are dear to all our hearts.

One comment which really caught my eye recently was this:

“The costs are heaping up and a newbie is learning.
“I spent tons and earn very little. What does badges really accomplish? Thanks.”

It was left on the Time To Reward Surfers With Our Biggest Ever XP Badges Yet post and is a question which crops up from time to time.

As I write this post 23,384,821 CTP badges have been claimed in the four years since the program was launched…that’s right more than 23 million badges have been claimed by CTP members to date.

From this we can infer that people really like collecting CTP badges so badges help keep up activity across the growing number of platforms which offer them.

Those who buy badges from us, including traffic exchange and other program owners, report that the investment more than pays for itself…so badges help generate income and activity across the community.

Badges have also helped bloggers, list builders, affiliate marketers, online newbies and many more diverse groups of people help achieve their online goals.

Just take a look at the huge demand for badges each time we have a special badge hunt promotion where people buy badges and leverage them to generate interest in what they are promoting.

Badges are also fun to collect and having fun is an important, but sadly all to easily forgotten, part of business. The reasoning behind this is that if you are not enjoying your online (or offline) work then you will not get the most out of it.

So, in short, badges help accomplish a lot more than you may first think. In fact, when they were first launched with CTP four years ago we did not even see how big they would become. And as for four years from now…well that is anyone’s guess.