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Lords of  Lothat launch with brothers Eric and Daniel Goettman

It may be difficult to pronounce (lol) but Lords of Lothar is going to be a game-changer in the whole of the traffic exchange industry.

This has the potential to take the TE industry to a whole new level and bring in a whole new internet community – online gamers – to traffic exchanges.

Brothers Daniel and Eric Goettman set out to combine role playing games and traffic exchanges because both ideas interested them, they thought it would be fun and nobody had ever done it before.

So they bought a script off the shelf, paid $5 for a header, persuaded a friend to do some basic programming for them and had it launched in two weeks.

Actually it was not just thrown together like that at all. This is more of a flavor of what really happened…

  • Daniel and Eric spent a year coming up with the original concept, working on it, thrashing out concepts, refining it and coming up with a plan to make it happen
  • Daniel, who had very little idea how the traffic exchange industry worked, got up to speed by learning how Eric’s existing TEs functioned.
  • When he knew enough he threw himself into customer support for Eric’s TEs and taught himself how to program at the same time.
  • While holding down an offline job, and raising a young family, he worked on Lords of Lothar in every spare moment, including evenings and weekends.

They ironed out bugs, made the game element really fun, addictive and easy to learn and then launched it when they said they would via a live Spreecast where both brothers went on camera for more then three hours to talk about the world’s first role playing game traffic exchange.

They even had matching Lords of Lothar t-shirts made for the occasion. When they finished their show they even turned up on TELive and on the Legacy show to further get the message out to as wide an audience as possible.

Daniel is also hoping to overcome his nerves of speaking on camera to do a weekly show on Mondays all about Lords of Lothar – I really hope this happens because it is likely to be a firm favorite on the weekly list of ‘must watch’ traffic exchange live shows.

Brothers Eric and Daniel Goettman launch Lords of Lothar 1 Brothers Eric and Daniel Goettman launch Lords of Lothar 1 Brothers Eric and Daniel Goettman launch Lords of Lothar 3

By the way there is a referral contest ongoing to mark the launch of Lords of Lothar.

There was a huge nugget dropped on TELive yesterday…promote this new TE to the gaming community.

And there is a huge incentive to beat Jon Olson on the referral contest too…Eric will give anyone who beats Jon $100 from his own pocket for doing so. Basically this means if you win the referral contest and your name is not Jon Olson you can expect an extra $100 just for not being Jon. Cool or what?

Lords of Lothar header screenshot

Lords of Lothar is now live. It is new, exciting and takes the gamification element of traffic exchanges to a new level.

TimTech loves this new TE and we are sure that you will too. (We had a chance to play with it while it was still in the beta stage and we were blown away by what we saw.)

Now the wraps have been taken off and everyone can join in the fun..so what are you waiting for, come along and try it out for yourselves today.

We will give a nice XP bonus to everyone who joins under our link and there is more XP and wheel spins for those who choose to upgrade.

Here is what’s on offer:

sign up bonus – get 10,000 XP

sign up and take any upgrade – – get 100,000 XP

Upgrade bonus…depending on the upgrade level you take then we will give a bonus of up to five XP wheel spins on top of the XP offers above.

When you join or upgrade just send us a support ticket to ClickTrackProfit with your CTP username and we’ll get you your bonuses.

This is going to be the biggest new T.E. launch of the year and we know you are going to love it!

Join Lords of Lothar today.

Lords of Lother launch day spreecast

Eric and Daniel Goettman launch Lords of Lothar via Spreecast.

OK so I have a confession to make – I totally forgot about that function on Sweeva where you can bookmark a site and then come back to it later when you have time.

If ever there was a situation where this function was made for then it would be the Sweeva Surf Party where there are so many awesome sites being shown…but not enough time to take a break to study them properly.

But I did manage to find some of the really great sites that caught my eye…so let me share them with you now.

Sunny Suggs from Lucky 13 poked fun at rivals The Strays by using her cat to star in a video to promote the team.

If you missed it then check it out now, because it is really very funny indeed.

Lucky 13 use a cat for video on Sweeva Surf Party

Next up is this page from Bob and Rhonda. I am not sure I really get the “…and he eats” joke but the page certainly caught my attention.

Will Surf For Food splash page

The next page to catch my eye reminded me of old TV “public service announcements” from the government where we would be told not to talk to strangers or not to put our fingers in live electric power sockets.

This video splash page from Lucky 13’s Lynn came with the warning: “Don’t take bribes,” very good advice indeed. Now check out her page.

Lynn Lucky 13 splash page

Janelle was next up to bat for Lucky 13. Clearly still pained from last week’s show when said her pages didn’t count, she used that as the basis of her page.

Check it out, there is a nice ending too which I won’t spoil for you here.

Janelle or Jangle promotes Lucky 13 on Sweeva Surf Party

Yes, that’s right every page shown here was promoting Lucky 13 but that is because in the show itself it seemed like every other page was promoting Lucky 13 and these pages really stood out because they were created specifically to do so.

Now obviously every page shown on a traffic exchange should be designed to stand out but that really is not the case in practice.

Finally Eric Goettman did it again with his promotion for his mystery product which this week he confirmed was Kore4 related.

Following comments that last week’s videos were a little creepy, he managed to keep up the same theme but just make this week’s video even more creepy still.

How creepy…this creepy. Three creepy videos in one creepy to be precise:

Eric Goettman video promoting his mystery Kore4 related upcoming launch

Keep up all the great pages for forthcoming Sweeva Surf Parties…the standard which has been set is already very high.

Eric Goettman facepaint still

It is nice to get things right and it seems I more or less hit the bullseye with my thoughts on Eric Goettman’s “facepaint” splash page which was first seen at Thursday’s Sweeva Surf Party.

So how do I know…well Eric has kindly confirmed it to anyone who has signed up to his list for the mystery promotion.

He has also revealed a few more interesting facts:

  • Eric had the idea for the project just the day before the Surf Party
  • He made the Surf Party videos to “…let people know that I was working on something.”
  • The advert was only finished five minutes before the start of the Surf Party
  • The project is still being developed and is described by Eric as “Not game changing by any stretch of the imagination, but will hopefully be very useful to some.”


Eric Goettman still shot from coming soon splash pageOk let me ask you a question.

If someone created a splash page and asked you to sign up to their list would you?

Not sure?

OK here are some more facts.

  • there is no bonus or incentive for signing up
  • you are not told what you are signing up to
  • there is a video to watch but it is creepy, very odd, and contains almost no information at all
  • the information, such that is, in the video does not appear to make any sense.

All you really get to know is that

  • something is ‘coming soon’
  • it is ‘another project by Eric Goettman’

Oh and the splash page looks like this…

Another project by Eric Goettman splash page screengrab

I signed up even though I have not got the faintest idea what I have signed up for.

Can anyone else work out what is going on?

Here is what I have worked out so far:

  • This is not one video but four – maybe there are more than four but I could only find four. If there are four is this a clue about Kore4?
  • Eric has painted his face in four different colors. The colors he has used and the design he has used is remarkably similar to the Kore4 logo.
  • Eric speaks one word per video including the word “Kore.” The other three words are “It”, “Pay” and “Word”.
  • There are several eye movements and other facial gestures in the videos. Are they random or do they mean something? I have not been able to work this out.
  • Signing up to the list does not give any immediate clues. The “thank you” email just promises that more information will be coming soon.
  • There is an odd message at the end of the “Word” video. Eric says, very rapidly: “What are you waiting for? The time is up!”

I must have spent around two hours looking at these videos for clues and I am utterly intrigued by what is going on.

If you can get anyone to stop and look at your splash or squeeze page than your advert has worked.

If you can get someone to take two hours out of their day to stop, analyze your advert, take the action you wanted them to take, leave them wanting to know more and then get them to blog about it, for me at least, you have done something nobody has ever done before.

That is why I have no hesitation in saying that Eric Goettman’s “Coming Soon” ad campgian is the best traffic exchange splash/squeeze page I have ever seen.

It really does not get any better than this.