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Traffic Exchange Live could have a new home and this means it could pull in more viewers than ever before…including people who don’t yet know anything at all about the TE industry.

Jon has recently been trying out a new platform called Blab and the initial experience seems very good indeed.

Now as with all things social, followers make a difference, so in return for following Jon on Blab he will give you 500,000 CTP XP which is a great return for a few seconds work.

Jon said: “Blab has gotĀ  some huge potential to be a game changing social network and will become the new home for Traffic Exchange Live. But most importantly, as early adopters of this site, we hope to pull in new customers, new members and new active surfers from outside of the T.E. world.

“So let’s make some history today and get people outside of the traffic exchange world, taking notice of our vibrant and powerful community.”

Simply let support know you followed us and presto….Instant CTP XP and, of course, don’t forget to check out today’s TE Live on Blab at 4pm Eastern.

For the next two weeks in CTP Teams the race is on for every member of every team to earn as much XP as they can for their teams.

When that XP is combined with the team bonuses then it translates into team points…and it is those points which will determine which division your team is locked into once Season Three starts in earnest in two weeks time.

So until then it is time to rack up that XP to get your team where it wants to be.

Here are some pointers on some of the ways you can earn XP…but it is not an exhaustive list…there are other ways too. In fact feel free to leave a comment on your favorite ways of earning XP.

Completing TimTech Promos such as the Daily Challenge are a great way of earning XP.

BracketSurfing at ILH will give the winner a 1,000 XP boost.

– You can earn XP by simply reading RocketResponder emails…Here is how it works.

– You can also earn XP outside of TimTech because lots of awesome members of the wider traffic exchange and online community will award XP for completing tasks on their sites. These are just some of the people offering XP that I highlighted back in September.

The Golden Egg of XP is, naturally, a great way to gain XP. It changes home every hour but by checking your CTP dashboard page will always let you know where it can be found at any given time.

Golden Egg of XP Badge introduced today aug 13 2014

Reading emails from ListNerds will allow you to build up XP really quickly – here is how. In fact you can gain up to 1,000 XP per email (before bonuses) this way. If you combine this with an XP Battery available from your CTP Goodies store then you can boost this by another 100%. This is how the XP Battery works.

Nerd Surfing will boost your XP and claiming badges while you surf will boost it even more.

– Become the ThumbMaster at ThumbVu and get rewarded with XP for the entire time you remain ThumbMaster.

The Bonus Play Game on the CTP Prize Wheel is a rich source of XP.

CTP Prize Wheel spins - finding the troll on the bonus play game

– Open either of the silver of gold vaults while surfing and you can find up to 25,000 XP inside. Not bad at all. Again check out your CTP home page to find out where the vaults are located on any given day and give your XP total a huge daily boost.

– Top Tip: Promo Bonus. Your entire team will get a bonus each time a member completes a sub game or opens either the gold or silver vaults. Find out how the Promo Bonus works.

– Surfer Loyalty Awards. If you surf our sites a lot then you will get rewarded with our most awesome XP badges yet.

TimTech loyalty XP badges

Customer Loyalty Awards. Upgrade to either Kore4, RocketResponder and Trck.me and get a 100% points bonus for each upgrade. Upgrade in all three and that bonus will be increased t0 500% for as long as you remain upgraded. Read all about it here.

Customer loyalty bonus awards

Earn Points For Your Team button on CTP. Click on the ‘teams’ tab on CTP and click the ‘Earn Points For Your Team’ button and you will find a number of ways you can earn XP including completing offers, reading emails and surfing traffic exchanges.

Do you have a favorite way of earning XP which is not listed here? If so feel free to share in the comments section below.

P.S. There is one other really easy method of gaining some quick, easy XP which I have saved until last…you can gain XP for commenting on this blog!

Sometimes the time is right to do things really big…and this is just one of those times.

Recently we have rewarded our awesome customers for being so awesome so now it is about time we rewarded the awesomeness of our super surfers too.

Each of the TimTech traffic exchanges are unique in their own ways and I am sure everyone has their particular favorite or favorites.

While they are unique they all have many things in common…and today they have one more thing in common that you won’t find anywhere else in the traffic exchange community.

In fact you could search all over the known TE universe and never find the super new, totally awesome sauce, exclusive to TimTech…new Loyalty Reward Badges.

These badges are to reward you our loyal members who surf day in and day out and are the backbone of our community. They come with mega amounts of XP and we can’t wait for you to find them…as many already have.

They are so special that they even come with their own cool splash page…

New TImTech CTP XP Loyalty Badges for TimTech TEs

So there are now 100,000 XP badges at ILoveHits, ThumbVu and StartXchange and our biggest ever XP badge at Sweeva…500,000XP. Yes half a million XP for just one badge.

If you want to get them then you will have to surf more than 1,000 pages in order to do so…that way we reward the people surf the most…and because it will take longer to get through that many pages at Sweeva, that is why the XP is so high there. We wanted to really reward that level of commitment.

Exactly how many pages after 1,000 to find the badges will vary…but they are there and they are being claimed already.

Happy hunting and thank you for being such awesome surfers.

P.S. Special credit to Ole Rasmussen from SurfAholics Alpha who sparked this change. Ole was chatting to Jon and the discussion centered around how we could make the surfing experience better for our most loyal traffic exchange users.

As a result we now have new Loyalty Reward Badges. Thank you Ole.




Security Guard Melvin loads 50,000 XP into the CTP Gold and Silver Vaults in pencilOur very own Melvin is a guy who likes to keep himself busy. One of his roles is Chief of Security for the vast TimTech compound known only as “Area CTP.”

It is here that the CTP Experience Points (XP) are manufactured, checked for quality, stored and distributed.

Yesterday he gave Bill unprecedented access to the compound but Bill had to remove all his electronic devices before stepping inside, least any images might slip out onto the internet.

He was allowed to take one coloring book and a dozen pencils though, in order to capture a very important moment within TimTech…the loading of the Gold and Silver Vaults with bundles of 50,000 XP.

50,000 XP Giveaway

So from now on, every time you open either the gold or the silver vaults you have a chance of winning the jackpot 50,000 XP…potentially multiple times per day.

You just have to play the game as normal, collecting the two keys to open each vault, for a chance of winning Melvin’s jackpot stash.

Good luck…and if you win then you know exactly who to thank.

CTP Vault and Key promo now comes with 50,000 XP jackpot prize - splash page

CTP Teams page showing team bonus box

As you will know, teams get an XP bonus each time their members completes a sub game or opens either the gold or silver vaults.

This is how it works:

Every completed Vault or SubGame adds 50XP Bonus the next time a team member completes a Vault or SubGame.

You can see your team’s current bonus by checking your team’s home page and it will show up (see the image above.) You will be able to see this bonus amount for your own team but not for rival teams.

The major change about this award is that from today it will reset on a daily basis at 8am Eastern.

Last season the bonuses were allowed to accumulate for the entire season but from this season onwards they are to become a daily award.


Each time you get to spin the CTP Prize Wheel there are two red segments marked “bonus play” which are well worth landing upon.

If you are already familiar with the bonus play card then you are excused from reading the rest of this blog post and are free to get on with something else instead.

However there are always new people coming into the industry and into our community so it never does any harm to recap on some of the game elements that old-hands take for granted.

When you land on one of the bonus play segments then you have earned a chance to play the bonus play game. This brings up a game card containing 15 covered ‘nerd bonus’ squares. Uncovering a square will lead to one of either two options…a nice prize or a nasty troll.

If you win a prize, and we really hope you do, then you get to choose another square and this process will continue until you land on the troll. The troll is the only character within TimTech which does not want to you win and he immediately calls a halt to the game.

This can be a very good way to earn XP for your team.

I realized I had an unclaimed bonus play prize in my CTP Goodie Bag and decided to give it a play and this is what happened…

Prize Wheel Spins - playing the bonus round

I won seven prizes including four lots of 1,000 XP and two of 1oo XP before my luck ran out and the troll caught up with me.

CTP Prize Wheel spins - finding the troll on the bonus play game

I always enjoy landing on the bonus play segment because the bonus play game is very addictive – not knowing when that troll will turn up is a real fun element to the game. Check if you have any outstanding bonus play games in your Goodie Bag and see how much you can win before the troll gets you.

Golden Egg of XP location is now shown on CTP home page from todayThe Golden Egg of XP has come out of hiding. Once its location was cloaked in secrecy, its very existence was a rumor which was neither confirmed or denied by official channels.

Then we gave some clues and then collectors worked out that it was found on those traffic exchanges with XP surf badges and that it changed location every hour.

Next we tweeted out its location (which we still do) and now we have put it right on the home page at CTP.

So whenever you want to know where it is then your home page at CTP will have the current location displaying like a beacon in the night.

The golden egg likes to be found, it did not like hiding in the dark, all lost and lonely. It wants to be loved, picked up and cared for so that it can shower those who find it with XP.

So with the Golden Egg of XP being more easy to locate than ever and with the new XP Prize Wheel up and running make you claim your fair share today.

P.S. If you have not already claimed your Free XP Prize Wheel spin then make sure you do so now.

And find our how your whole team can claim an extra spin right here.



CTP now offers XP Prize Wheel first day screenshot

When you log into CTP today you will notice something a little bit different on the home page.

Every CTP member has been gifted a free spin on our new super awesome XP Prize Wheel.

It has just come from the factory of Wheely Good Stuff and once you have recovered from that really bad pun, you should check it out, if you have not done so already.

It is like our regular prize wheel except this is one is loaded up with lots and lots of XP and already is has proved to be an instant hit.

Almost since the launch of CTP Teams people had been asking us whether we could add some XP to the existing prize wheel…but we went one better and commissioned a dedicated prize wheel just for XP fans.

You can win up 25,000 CTP XP every time you play the new XP wheel and you earn more spins on our regular Prize Wheel. Remember, the more game cards you complete, the more spins you get!

CTP XP Prize Wheel

Want to give your ENTIRE team more spins?

With a prize wheel as good as this you will not want to keep it for yourself….you will want all your team members spinning and winning.

So here is the deal…when anyone on your team upgrades to Kore4 and we’ll gift you another XP Prize Wheel spin for your ENTIRE team!

I am not entirely sure how long this offer will last…so be sure to grab it while you can.

Have fun…I know you are going to love it.

Winning XP wheel spin on regular prize wheel

When Bigfoot comes to town then everyone makes way for him…and when badges are involved then it is all the more spectacular.

Starting at 4pm Eastern tomorrow (Friday) we are going to pave the way for Bigfoot to take our corner of the internet by storm.

The countdown to the rapidly-approaching Bigfoot Badge Hunt begins with the Make Way For Bigfoot Event which takes place from tomorrow and runs right through until Monday.

Our small but dedicated team of Bigfoot trouble shooters have been working overtime to ensure that everything is ready for this big event.

They tested things on StartXchange yesterday with the power surf event which brought a few issues to light; thankfully they have now been ironed out.

So to welcome Bigfoot with his stash of 180 badges we are bringing nerdiness back big time. It is always cool to be a nerd but for the duration of this event we want you to throw your arms into the air and shout at the top of your voices: “Hey Bigfoot, I’m proud to be a nerd and I’m coming after your badges.”

Then you, your teamĀ  and the CTP community as a whole can do what CTP nerds do best…nerd surfing.

Load up your favorite nerd surf sites and get to work to welcome in Bigfoot.

Here are the details…

The Make Way for Bigfoot Event
Starts: Friday at 4PM EST
Ends: Monday at 4AM EST

Individual Contest – Nerd Surf 500 pages get a 10% points bonus
Team Contest – Nerd Surf 10,000 pages get a 50% team points bonus
Overall Contest – Nerd Surf 5,000,000 pages get a 100% team points bonus

The Bigfoot Badge Hunt is coming to town on Monday but the Make Way For The Bigfoot Event is just hours away.

Increasingly CTP badges are what you make of them. Last week we told how SurfAholics Alpha team leader Matt Badura has four team-only badges which are used as in-house rewards.

However Matt was not the first to see that CTP badges can be used as rewards. William Miller from Surf Skeleton and leader of Bonz Brigade was also very quick to see the benefits of badges.

He uses them extensively throughout his sites, is king of 12 badges and has collected nearly 7,000 of them.

In addition he was one of the first to snap up the tiered XP badges and he has a huge raft of badges ordered for next week’s Bigfoot Badge Hunt. So it is fair to say that William knows a thing or two about the power of CTP badges.

If you have not seen this already, then William also has a very good way of leveraging CTP badges.

He has got half a dozen unique badges and gives them out in a very clever way as these screenshots below show…

William Miller exclusive CTP badges 1 William Miller exclusive CTP badges 2

So he has badges which people can get for joining his programs, two team badges and a sixth badge which is only open to those who already have the other five.

A very clever use of badges indeed.