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Tag:  Douglas Roehrig

Tag: Douglas Roehrig

SQSo today marks the return of Math Monday…well sort of.

I have been continuing to look through the clues posted by Plus 1 badge hunt sponsors and today I found an entry well worthy of a Math Monday slot courtesy of Douglas Roehrig.

This is clue for Badge 108:

Plus 1 badge hunt clue badge 108



We actually had a discussion in the TimTech chat room about prime numbers because of this clue. This is certainly one for Math fans, or at least internet search engine fans.

If you are a sports fan then you may like the clue for Badge 107 which is also one of Douglas’s badges in this hunt and for Badge 110 then it will certainly be an advantage if you are a classical music fan.

Douglas has two more badges which I have not mentioned so be sure to check out the main badge hunt contest page to discover those clues and the clues of all the other badge sponsors for that matter.

Finally if you want Badge 171 from Justin then all you have to go on is this clue:

Justin badge hunt clue for plus one badge hunt

Less than helpful you might think but not impossible.

Happy badge hunting.


It sounds like one of those brain teasers I guess.

Well when it comes to CTP Teams at least,  the answer is on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Hunters leader Valentin has come up with an interesting new way to recognise some of the members of his team.

So on Wednesdays the team changes its name to SocialViralProfits Hunters…

SocialViralProfits Hunters is Hunters team on Wednesdays

I am sure this goes down well with team member Shon Jimenez who owns Social Viral Profits.

Then on Thursdays it changes its name again, this time to CoolCatHits Hunters because owner Douglas Roehrig is the owner of that program.

CoolCatHits Hunters is the team name on Thursdays

And it is not only the program owners who win from this great example of team work…so do the members who surf the two traffic exchanges when they are highlighted by team Hunters.

Those members who surf 250 pages get a little extra reward too so everyone wins.