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Tag: Cuppa Time Crew

Russell Stockley from the Cup of Traffic Division is highlighting the plight of the people in Nepal who have been affected by the recent devastating earthquake.

He has been donating a percentage of his sales to the appeal and is now offering 1,000 CTP XP for each dollar donated by CTP members.

More than 5,000 people have lost their lives and half a million more are without homes.

This is certainly a very worthwhile cause.

For further information about how you can take Russell up on his XP offer for donations then click on the image below.

Russell Stockley Nepal appeal XP offer for CTP members


CTP Teams Season Theee Cup of Traffic Division sponsored by Russell Stockley

Cuppa Time Crew Division sponsor Russell Stockley has launched a special web page for all teams which will be in his division.

There is just over a week to go in the pre-season of Season Three where it will be decided to which division the various teams will be assigned.

The Cuppa Time Crew Division will have all of the teams in CTP Teams outside the Top 30 and Russell will produce a special newsletter for all teams in the division too.

He said: “Through the newsletter you will be able to get up to date information on where you need to be and what you need to do to improve your teams chances in the division.”

The web page will allow people to see which teams are in the division and what special bonuses are on offer for the teams that are playing.

Russell wrote: “You will also see a link to recommended programs that will help you earn more CTP XP to get your team higher in the rankings of this division.”

He also gives great tips for CTP Teams players…

“CTP Teams rewards you for being active for everything you do in ClickTrackProfit. Best of all, you are also rewarded for everything your team does as well. Earn points for completing CTP training, earn for spinning the prize wheel. You also earn by logging in every day of the month, Nerd Surfing, claiming badges while surfing across the industry, playing the Vault N’ Keys, the bonus games and so much more…There are so many ways to earn points in CTP teams, all you have to do is be active!”

Also check out his video and sign up for his newsletter by clicking on the image below and the splash page will open for you in a new tab.

CTP Teams Cuppa Time Crew Division video splashpage by Russell Stockley