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Half the playoff teams are eliminated and the All Star List gets smaller also.  These are the players that propelled their teams whether they won or lost.

This list is based strictly on my perception of the Quarterfinal contest.  These players are the ones that, in my perception, stepped up big for their team at a critical time.

Listed In The Order of my Scattered Notes:

Gary Schmitt

Randy Sult

Rosy DiLuca

Robert Young

Eric Goettman

Bill Darton

Thomas Sheets

Evelyn Kramer

Stephan Berg

Suzanne Howarth

Boris Petricevic

Sig Skeie.

The last list was primarily based on points.  On this list, I tried to project the players that stepped up and provided a spark for their teams and spurred them to greater effort.

There is no doubt that I missed some.  More than a few.  I would be very interested to see who you think should have been put on this All Star List.  Go ahead and use the comment section to explain just how stupid I really am:)

So here we go.  The first ever TimTech all playoffs All-Star Team.

The criteria for inclusion on this team is simple.  Those that scored the most got the biggest consideration.  Even more important was nomination by a team member or team leader.  The highest tribute is a nomination from an opponent.

Starting Line Up

These players were all nominated for the honor by their compatriots.

Listed in order of the way they are listed:

Aaron Green, Rob Paris, Linda Mayer, Chauncey Penfold and Evelyn Kramer.  Mona LaSala, Tim Hansen, Scott Rohn and Kathy Dyer.

Bench Players

Ben Frazier, Norbert Laudner, Marian Gurowicz and David McKay.  Tom Rasmussen, Leone Marizano, and Suzanne Howarth.


Maya van Doorn, Mihai Razuan Stotica, and Debra Chism.  Winter Perkins, Nick Grimshawe, Gary Calvert II, Randy Sult and Barbara Romming.

These are the people that drove an incredible competition that was the first round of the Playoff season.  In honor of their contributions the will receive a special badge specifically for the All Star team and never to be seen again.  Thanks to Bill Gorsci for the badges.

Any disagreements?  I fully expect some.  Please use the comment section to explain to me the error of my ways.

I’m just sayin’


Repeat after me…

Learn how to use Twitter properly.

Learn how to use Twitter properly.

Learn how to use Twitter properly.

Learn how to use Twitter properly.

Learn how to use Twitter properly.

That, I think I am correct in thinking, was the message delivered by Jon for much of the past week.

He even did a special Saturday Spreecast this weekend in order to teach people how to use Twitter correctly.

In addition he invited people to tweet a picture or video to use the Twitter hashtag #CTPXP in order to win a cool prize.

Here are some of the ones that caught my eye

Bad Hair Day

We’re Crushing It

How Many Glasses?

Step Away From The Gun

But what must be the best CTP video of all time is…coming up in the next post.

Well done for taking part everyone.

CTP Teams Season Three has started

Now that Season Three is just about underway we thought we might make you a super cool deal on giveaway CTP XP.

With this mega season set to last for the next six months, more people are finding lucrative new ways to use the power of giveaway XP.

Right now there is more XP out there than ever before as program owners, list builders and affiliates make the most of the XP craze.

Now, for a limited time only, we are going to make XP easier than ever to get your hands on. You can get your hands on 4,500,000 giveaway XP for $99 (regular price $500.)

And what’s more for as long as you keep your subscription going we will keep giving you 4,500,000 giveaway XP each and every month.

This offer really is limited and please accept my apologies if, when you read this blog post, it is no longer available.

Get creative. Grow your business. Have fun online.

CTP XP OTO Video splash page still

Santa Nerd being chased by Larry's dog for 12 Days of Christmas 2014

So it would appear that Santa Nerd has taken the day off after being chased down the driveway by Larry’s rather excitable dog. After such a frightening experience I really don’t blame him.

As a result Justin has had to step in again because Justin’s dog is a little frightened of Justin for some reason.

He has come up with a rather interesting offer for you today…a CTP Teams-based offer. For just $5-a-month teams can get a 100% XP bonus and for as long as you keep your subscription it will remain at just $5-a-month.

The free gift is also well worth checking out today also. While you check out today’s 12 Days of Christmas 2014 deals Justin would just like to take a few moments to direct traffic.

Justin as SantaNerd's stand in points left for 12 Days of Christmas 2014 Justin as SantaNerd's stand in points right for 12 Days of Christmas 2014

numbersThe second Sweeva Surf Party since the site was relaunched was a massive hit.

We opted for a slightly different format and rewarded people for getting their pages shown the most.

What was interesting to see was that as well as many program owners advertising (which is obviously to be expected) but there are affiliates who are shining through with their own promotional work too.

Affiliates need to get noticed and the Sweeva surf party is a great way to really get yourself out there.

Bids went through the roof, as we thought they might, I think the bid average was somewhere around 2,000 when things got going, but I was too busy trying to keep count of all the pages shown to get an accurate figure.

So using the super hi-tech counting systems that Jon and I invested huge amounts of money in devising, the winners were:

  1. Legacy Team – 21 pages shown – 100,000 XP
  2. Lynn M – 11 pages shown – 50,000 XP
  3. Robert Arnold – 10 pages shown 25,000 XP

In addition the following teams received XP for getting their pages noticed.

  1. SurfAholics Alpha
  2. Lucky 13
  3. CTP Masters

Each will get 10,000 XP which will go to the team leaders. For for all this week’s winners congratulations. And if you have not already done so then make sure you give Jon your CTP usernames so he can credit you with the XP.

From next week we will attempt to keep track of the team pages seen too and award the XP based on the actual numbers of team pages shown.

See you all in a week’s time…get creative and get seen.

Yesterday’s TELive was a blast. Jon and I highlighted some of the creative ways you guys have been using XP as an incentive and this inspired others to do more.

Jon gave some books away and we had a laugh with Matt Badura about his unofficial official birthday, if that makes any sense.

There were also some more great examples of people being creative with XP such as…

Richard Arblaster, leader of #ovendogs, who gained new Twitter followers by giving away XP for the first person who followed him on the social networking site.

Richard Arblaster

Nick Grimshawe, CTP Masters team leader, who wasted no time in ensuring that the spotlight did not stay on SurfAholics Alpha after its leader Matt was giving away 50,000 XP to build his list.

He produced this awesome page…

Nick Grimshawe brown bagI am amazed how quickly he got it up there…brilliant work. Witty and creative. Click on the page and check out Nick’s offer.

Finally I held up on camera the hand-written design for the Matt Badura Unofficial Birthday splash page I asked Valentin to design earlier in the day.

Jon suggested that the hand-drawn version would make a great splash page too…so I went back to Valentin Mavrodin and he came up with this…

Yep Jon was spot on, it is another great page.

hand drawn birthday matt baduraI love all this creativity. I just love it.