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Business mastery lessons at CTP

How is your CTP training going these days?

This is just a quick post to remind you to take a look at the training pages in case there are lessons there that you might have missed.

For example there were four new Business Mastery steps added quite recently…have you checked them out yet? If not then take the time to do so.

If you have not logged into training for a while then this is a quick reminder about what the different symbols mean.

– The green check marks will show when you have successfully completed that particular training step.

– The silver cog wheel shows for the next step that you are currently able to complete but have not yet done so.

– The gold padlocks are for content which is not yet available for you to complete. This is normally because you need to complete all of the proceeding steps before the later content is unlocked for you.

Topics covered by the four new videos are:

– back end selling and building your brand.

– why you should always keep up to date with your business training.

– the importance of sales goals and

– getting into the right mindset to build your list properly.

Be sure to log in and get up to date with your CTP Training if you have not already done so.

CTP Training business mastery video screenshot

New training video added to CTP

There is a “must do” new training video in CTP and well-worth completing if you have not discovered it already.

XP Tasker has just launched and been added to CTP – it is a new advertising platform where users receive XP for completing various tasks.

This is the first program to be entirely build around CTP XP and it looks really good.

Log into CTP Training, sign up if you have not already done so, and add your username in the box provided to complete this training step You will find the training under ‘Free Videos‘ – oh and, by the way, it’s free and you get 1,000 CTP XP for every member you refer.

Also, we’ve added more programs to our Badge Mastery training section too, you will have to log in and check out Traffic Monsoon and SeaLifeHits, be sure to add your referral ID’s and claim your badges to complete your training.

New video training in CTP Teams from Jon Olson